Tuesday, November 30, 2010

No softcore T 'n' A for the "classic liberal" PaleoCon...

In reply to the following comment at The Classic Liberal Blog:
Please do stop back in … In all fairness though, even though I generally despise neocons, me and Donald Douglas have a good relationship. We share an affinity for Rule 5!, I said:
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Dr Douglas has tossed you under the bus for agreeing with Ron Paul too often and questioning the US government's support of Israel. American Power: The Classical Liberal: Israel Bashing Paleocon?

I'm sorry, but Donald has decreed "NO RULE 5 FOR YOU!!"

Your softcore t'n'a links are over, as far as he's concerned... (Can there BE any worse punishment than no "rule 5" links?!? And yes, that's a real quote.)

Sorry, CL.

While we seldom agree (I'm one o' them "LiberaSocialiNihilists," don'cha know... Just ask Don... (...or Old Rebel, more'n'likely...)) I do enjoy reading your stuff, and appreciate your tone, even when folks don't agree with your ideas and ideals. That and a few bucks'll get you a cuppa joe at a Starbucks (not to mention more derision from folks like Don, prolly), but there's a lot of folks who believe that how you say something is at least as important as what you say... ...and if you ask me, there should be a whole lot more, too. - repsac3 November 30, 2010 at 7:23 am

Of course, the joke was on me, because I was thinking of a completely different classic liberal blog and blogger... (And if I ever find the one I was thinkin' of, I leave a link to it, as well.) Still, a kind word can't hurt THIS classic liberal (and even if it could, there's no way to edit my posted comment, now... What's done is done, and I'd just as soon not go back there...) Besides... Perhaps this classic liberal will actually live up to those kind words, at some point... And Donald HAS tossed the poor guy away like last week's leftover takeout, rotting away in the back of the fridge... That part of the comment was accurate, anyway...

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Kevin Robbins said...

Don seems to be one of those "small tent Republicans and the Rule 5 Nazi as well.

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