Friday, November 19, 2010

In reply: Welcome back rage of brain (and will the pow(d)erpuff boy ever go away?)

UPDATE: First, a quick answer to the surprising number of foreign folks who come here looking for this via search engines:

The correct / most common response to "Welcome back" is something like "Thanks! Glad to be back."

You're welcome. Glad I could help.

(Believe it or don't, this post is probably one of the highest hit via search engine, and that query is the reason why... Go fig. Anyway, now back to our show...)

Revised a little, in reply to: Brain Rage: I'm Back; the post and this comment, in particular.

Glad to see you back, JBW... Post whenever you feel like it... It's not like it's your life, y'know... We all have our friends and fans (and occasionally gather a new one or two), and they'll come around when there's something to see...

I mean yeah, there are those bloggers who really do matter (and many more who only think they do--See below), but for the vast majority of us, it's a chance to say what's on our mind and share pix and videos we think others might enjoy. (It is cool to get a nice note from someone who enjoyed a post or was glad you spoke up, of course... But I think most of us blog and comment because we have something to say, and the credit and thanks we occasionally get is just icing on the cake.)

Anyway... I'm glad you're back, and I look forward to finding another post or two worth poaching, whenever you happen to get around to writing 'em...

And as for [that guy], give it up, malcontent... You can TRY to act like a bully (though why you choose to, I have yet to understand), but everyone here (& most folks at your own blog as well, more'n'likely) knows who and what you really are... ...and aren't.

Be gone, powderpuff.

Posted NOVEMBER 19, 2010 3:52 AM (Brain Rage blog time)

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