Monday, September 19, 2011

In Reply: Pizza and The Same Old Douglas Whine

American Power: Original Ray's Pizza Serving its Last Slice in New York's Little Italy:
P.S. Checking the link to the old blog, turns out Repsac3 was commenting way back then. He wasn't banned. He might still be a commenter here had he not freaked out and turned stalker. I'll welcome progressives if they're cool. Repsac3 once was, but no longer. Too bad too. I had to go to moderation and all that.

Offered in reply (though it's likely Dr. Douglas won't allow it to appear):

I never changed, Douglas... You just ran out of talking points and ran for cover behind moderation. (And Don, if you're so afraid that too many folks will read my comments that you prohibit all from commenting at AmPow without your prior approval, that kinda shows what even you yourself believe about the value and virtue of your ideas.)

If I were really the eeeeevil so-n-so you claim I am, wouldn't my own words prove that? So why do you hide my words, and instead paraphrase what you claim I've said (or what you think I may mean), rather than letting the readers see my comments as written?

You're a coward, Dr. Douglas...

But I'm glad you're standing up for the little pizza joint, this time... In that older post, it was "anti-capitalist" for the folks in the neighborhood to complain about the franchise running the mom 'n' pop shop out of the neighborhood. Glad to see you've come around to supporting the little guy, for once...

Since there's no permalink, here is the text of my 2007 "Burkean" comment. At the time, Donald was decrying the fact that a longstanding local pizza joint circulated a petition against a Papa John's moving into the neighborhood:

"the circulation of the anti-Papa John's petition is not only anti-capitalist, but probably unnecessary."

I hope it's unnecessary... But I've seen a whole lotta independent (put type of business here) run out by franchises & big boxes with inferior products &/or service, but the financial backing lose money by selling below cost & whatnot until they're the only game in town...

While it may be anti-captialist*, I'm all for citizens/consumers petitioning & otherwise speaking up.

*I'm not sure it is anti-capitalist. I see it more as negative advertising, making PJ look bad for "forcing" themselves into this community against the community's wishes, and trying to run "the little guy" out of business. Now, should these citizens try to pass some kinda law against PJ's, I'd be more inclined to agree.
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