Monday, September 19, 2011

In Reply: The Donnie Doth Protest Too Much

In reply to this post: American Power: F*** You, Douglas! — W. James Casper = COBAG = Repsac3!! and this comment at another post: "Actually, you have changed, for example, from my thread,", and posted in reply at both locations.

Sorry, Douglas... But all this COBAG post shows is that YOU'VE become more unhinged, and are willing to write some really ridiculous posts in reply to having someone tell you to fuck off... (Posts that most folks would be embarrassed to publish, but you seem quite proud of...)

I'm the same lovable guy I've always been, respectful to all who deserve it, and less so to those who don't.

If you really didn't want me posting comments here (regardless of whether you publish 'em or don't), you wouldn't keep mentioning me in posts... ...and yet you keep doing so, and then keep flying off the handle yet again when I respond.

You ought to think about changing that dynamic, Dr. Douglas... All these mentions in posts about other subjects say more about who's acting the creepy stalker than do your words. You bitch when we talk about you... ...but you bitch a whole lot louder when we ignore you for too long.
Replied to at American Nihilist September 19, 2011 5:14 PM, and a little earlier than that at the American Power CoBag post (which Donald may or may not publish...)

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