Thursday, October 06, 2011

In Reply: Undying Gratitude For An Undead Mix, Reggae-Style

In reply to: Distinctly Jamaican Sounds: It's almost time...:

I confess that I mainly come around for these Halloween mixes (I mean well, but by mid-November-early December, other sites and sounds take priority, and my visits here become less and less frequent)--but I make it a point to come on back for this every year...

You have my undying gratitude for teaching me more about Jamaican music (I append your descriptions of the artists and whatnot to the songs in iTunes) and for making my Halloweens more spooky.

I know that you've said in the past that "this is my last year" but I'm always glad to see that something draws you back to doing it again, just like I'm drawn back to your blog to find it... May it always be so...

Thanks for mixes past, and thank you in advance for this year and beyond...

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