Saturday, October 08, 2011

In Reply: Did Someone Say "Stalking Asshat?"

Revised and extended, in reply to the following comment at American Power, at a post entitled "American Power Surges to #74 at Wikio Top Blogs: Hardest Hit — W. James "Costanza" Casper" (Sadly, I can't explain Donald Douglas' odd Seinfeld fetish... I'm willing to bet that not even he knows what it's about...):
Stalking asshat W. James "Costanza" Casper proves he's a stalking asshat yet again.




Every time you attack me in a post at American Power, I'm going to comment in reply. Plan your posts accordingly, and if you choose to attack anyway, learn to better cope with receiving my comment in reply. (You don't HAVE to post them, you know... It's cowardly not to, but it is your blog, and you can be as cowardly there as you choose...)

And stop being so pathetic and insecure that your first thought after getting a mention in some major publication is to use it as an excuse to reply to a month-old comment posted at a different blog, at a post that, up until you submitted a series of largely off-topic comments there, had nothing to do with you. It's kinda creepy, to say nothing of the hypocrisy...

Also: American Nihilist: Donald Douglas: Pathetic and Insecure (but proud right wing squirmer)
In Reply: Donald Douglas: Right Wing Squirmer

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