Saturday, October 08, 2011

In Reply: Who Is That Odd Man Talking To?

In reply to the following comment at American Power Surges to #74 at Wikio Top Blogs: Hardest Hit — W. James "Costanza" Casper:
Not published idiot.

Deal with it. Stalking asshat W. James "Costanza" Casper.

YOU have no right to comment here. I'm only letting your ravings through to once again prove your obsession.

Get a life, loser. ASFL.


"I'm only letting your ravings through to once again prove your obsession."

After using a quote in the NYT to write a whole post responding to a blog comment from just over a month ago, that's a pretty ironic statement there, Dr. Douglas... ...but have it your way...

(And you know as well as I do that my comment is published, old man... It just isn't published here at American Power.... which makes your comment here replying to it look kinda silly, if ya ask me... Kinda like you're talking to yourself...but if that's the image you wish to project to the world, who am I to stop you?)

((But Donald, this is what I was talking about in the initial comment that you chose to respond to... People may come to your blog to watch you use being quoted by the NYT to attack folks you don't agree with for something they said a month ago, or to read comments where you ostensibly talk to yourself... ...but aside a few like-minded sycophantic friends of the sort that still comment on your blog or quote you approvingly on theirs, folks won't take you seriously or show much respect to you or anything you have to say, if this is how you choose to behave...))

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