Friday, October 14, 2011

In Reply: Don't Drink The Spilt Milk (or eat the sour grapes)

In reply to American Power: 'It doesn’t matter if an accusation against a conservative is true or false...'
"...the only question is: can we use it to win (or discredit and demoralize conservatives)."
Or to literally destroy conservatives.

I can attest to that from first hand experience. But see Charles Sykes, "The Goal: Chaos" (via William Jacobson).

RELATED: "W. James Casper's Demonic Band of Progressive Totalitarians."

Kinda seems like crying over spilt milk, dud'nit... Blame all your failures on the "liberal" media, and those nasty citizens who disagree with you...

No way to run a railroad, if ya ask me...

Pretty sure your conspiracy theories about me aren't "related," either...

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Added: The funniest thing about these kinda tactics lists (whether this Charles guy's, or the eeeevil Alinsky's "rules," which I've ONLY ever seen / heard about on con sites... though I did recently buy the books, to see what all the fuss was about); Every time you see them listed or discussed on a conservative site, half of the commenters describe them as evil incarnate (which for the most part, they're not... They're just political tactics folks all across the political spectrum use to make their case and reach their goals), and the other half want to start (or keep) using them, themselves... ...and for whatever reason, the two factions never seem to acknowledge each other's viewpoints, let alone actually discuss/debate them...

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