Monday, October 24, 2011

X-Post: What A Real Conspiracy Looks Like

For Dr. Douglas, so he can compare it with his paranoid "Henchmen" theory:

The elements:

A ringleader  (or chief instigator):

A plan:


At least one second party (Henchman Henchwoman):

Verbal endorsement of plan by that hench...person (Not just once, but twice):


And in case anyone's wondering...
Yes, I did send a report about it to Google (not that I expect them to do anything--at least not unless/until any suspiciously suspect action shows up on my account--but I wanted to be proactive about it, just in case), and yes, I do have screen-caps and text and all that whatnot saved up and ready to share with any person / IP / service with whom I may need to in future (obviously.)

And before anyone points it out...
Yes, I know this isn't a CRIMINAL conspiracy, and I'm not alleging it is, or that I necessarily have any legal recourse should their dastardly evil plan come to fruition and bloom, and I am actually barred from commenting everywhere on the internet, and have to spend all my time OUT THERE with REAL PEOPLE, actually organizing and voting and pushing for change, and whatnot.... (It's not highly likely, but there's no harm in leaving these dreamers with a little hope to brighten their otherwise sad days... We libs is good like dat.)

It is an ethical conspiracy, however, and a sad comment on how far some partisans will consider going (and who knows, perhaps actually go...)

It's like I recently said somewhere about Alinsky's Rules: "Every time you see them listed or discussed on a conservative site, half of the commenters describe them as evil incarnate (which for the most part, they're not... They're just political tactics folks all across the political spectrum use to make their case and reach their goals), and the other half wants to start (or keep) using them, themselves... ...and for whatever reason, the two factions never seem to acknowledge each other's viewpoints, let alone actually discuss/debate them..." It looks to me like poor Robert (Thom) is stuck arguing both sides himself in his post. On one hand, my supposed tactics are "conspiratorial crazy," "obsessive compulsive," "unoriginal," "destructive," and "reprehensible." But then he says "Unfortunately, conservatives do not engage in the same style of tactics...". It kinda looks to me like some of them just might... ...not that I'm mentioning any names, Robert...

((Now if only I knew where they worked, so I could tell their employers about their crazy plan... j/k))

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