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In Reply: Donald Douglas: Right Wing Squirmer

In reply to: American Power: American Power Surges to #74 at Wikio Top Blogs: Hardest Hit — W. James "Costanza" Casper, which included the following:
I don't bother with these rankings all that much. This time I'm mostly surprised that my blog surged 16 spots to #74 from #90 in September. Half the battle is just stayin' in the ball game, adding something original or worthwhile to the debate now and then. And of course keepin' tabs on the dickwipe commies. Speaking of which, this burns W. James "Costanza" Casper, who claimed some time back:
... aside from your sycophants, fewer and fewer people are taking your schtick seriously... You may still get your precious hits--dreck often does--but that doesn't mean folks respect you or what you have to say...

Nobody respects what I have to say, nobody like the New York Times or anything, at "The Occupy Wall Street Quiz."

(Of course Donald wasn't man enough to actually link to my earlier quote which, as you can see, was from just over a month ago, and written in reply to some off-topic trolling by him at a post about faith.) My reply:

Read the NYT post. They needed an example of a right wing squirmer, and they found one in you... I'm glad it strokes your ginormous ego, Dr. Douglas... ...but being a whining squirmer really isn't something most sane folks would be proud of...

Occupy Wall Street Quiz -
Not surprisingly, many on the right squirmed to find the Tea Party drawn into the discussion. Among them was Donald Douglas at American Power, who wrote, “The comparison between Occupy Wall Street and the tea parties is bogus, of course.” He continued:
And it’s frankly obscene that folks think Obama should benefit politically from these protests. The White House has been in bed with Wall Street. The dilemma for the Democrats is how they can channel the protests against the Republicans without getting caught up in a generalized anti-government tsunami in 2012. As was clear at the press conference yesterday, the president will basically lie through his teeth, blaming the economic crisis on his predecessor and waging a morally bankrupt class war on the high-income earners.

Also: American Nihilist: Donald Douglas: Pathetic and Insecure (but proud right wing squirmer)

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