Friday, October 21, 2011

In Reply: Thomas Paine Had More Balls Than This Pretender, Didn'e?

UPDATE: Robert Tuttle (pretender Thom) has allowed the comment in question to appear after all, (at least partially--I submitted it in two parts, but he only approved the second of the two) and even replied here (IR) and here (AmNi). (Long and short of it is, he's in control of his blog (and will therefore approve comments (or not) on his timetable--and at least some of the time, anyway, his timetable includes holding comments until he has written his reply to them, so he can post them both simultaneously--and thus never have ideas with which he does not agree just hangin' out there on his blog, unanswered.)

Robert P. Tuttle, III sez "LaLaLaLa... I cannot heeeaaaar yooou!!" but the cognitive dissonance just won't go away...
In reply to The Independent Realist: Liberal Socialist Attacks College Professor (not so much the post, which I responded to about 15 house ago, give or take, but the fact that "Thom" refused to allow that response to appear, in spite of his claim that "In the spirit of healthy debate, I will probably post any comments that are made, unless they contain profanity, or degrading speech."

Before you ask, yes, I am certain that he has been to his moderation queue (he approved a friendly comment made later than mine), and that he is aware of my cross post (he has also been to American Nihilist, where the initial response is currently the headline post.)

My response:

It really doesn't bother you to be so dishonest in the first instance--anyone who actually read any of my blog posts and comments could not make the false accusations you do--and then be so unwilling to post my comments in rebuttal and respond to them, in the second?

Congratulations on your wholly dishonest "victory" over me, Thom... ...but you and I both know that lying, refusing to face your opponent, and blindly marking comments "offensive" is a pretty pathetic way to "win" an argument... (assuming your conscience will even allow you to call it a win, in the first place...)

I guess I can only hope that some of the folks who take your advice and Google up my posts will actually read them, and have enough confidence in their values and beliefs to openly and honestly disagree with what I have to say...

Submitted for Independent Realist moderator approval Posted October 21st, 2011, 12:29 PM (IR blog time) ((Actual post time: 4:48 PM, IR blog time)

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