Tuesday, October 25, 2011

In Reply: Robert P. Tuttle Throws Twigs and Pebbles From The Safety of His Moderated Blog

In reply to the following comment at "The Independent Realist" post "Repsac3, W. James Casper - The Final Word":
Thank you Dr. Douglas for the kind words and links to the Realist. I am afraid that the longer Walter (Walter James Casper, III) continues with his delusional rantings, the further he will slip down into the depths of his paranoia. There is nothing that we can do other than to block him from our blogs and such (I've already had to block him from my blog and Facebook page), and simply allow him to rant on his own site. Eventually he will alienate himself from even his own followers as they begin to realize the depth of his illness.

And as Walter is reading this blog, I would offer him this advice: seek professional help and seek it now. Do not wait.

I'm sorry, Rob... But I'm not real impressed by a guy (or pair of guys) who speak ill of me from behind a screen of moderation... ...and I don't much value the opinions of anyone who is, either...

So, I'm glad you two are having fun n'all... but until you're willing to say your piece in a place where folks are free to respond--ALL folks, not just the people and responses you pick and choose--you might just as well not be talkin', least as far as I'm concerned.

While folks like you and Donald seem eager to hide what those you disagree with have to say by moderating your comment sections for content and limiting the number of verbatim quotes, citations, and links you use when blogging, I want nothing more than to give folks every opportunity to read exactly what you have to say, in all of it's contextual glory, and thus will quote and link to your exact words as often as I can... ...and sure, I'll even add a few if you folks don't feel I've given you enough "Look at ME!!!" time.

Everyone please, go look at Donald Douglas and Robert P. Tuttle, III. Read what they have to say. Weigh their arguments (as well as the arguments of those who disagree with 'em, of course), judge as fairly as your conscience allows, and come to your own conclusions.

I ask for nothing more.

And I ask for nothing less.

Submitted for moderator approval 10/25/11, 4:40 PM (or so)

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