Sunday, October 09, 2011

In Reply: Bigot Attacks Bigot For Bigotry

In reply to: American Power: Texas Fred Attacks Mitt Romney's Faith, which includes a gratuitous swipe at yours truly:
Freakin' Texas Fred's the biggest loser and asshat this side of W. James "Costanza" Casper, and that's saying a lot!
That's it, Don... Attack the folks to your right, so you don't look like such an extremist wingnut in comparison. (The reality, of course, is far less simple... Your own bigotry--including a little religious bigotry--is different than Fred's, but no less real.)

Freakin' A there, Donald... Freakin' A...

(ADDED: My reply to Donald's anti-Unitarian bigotry, which he was to cowardly to leave posted at his blog, as well as a longer post discussing what I believe Roger Scruton was really saying.)

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