Wednesday, October 26, 2011

In Reply: Preaching to The Choir, and a Little Good Neighborliness

In reply to a comment at Zilla of the Resistance: Stand Against Evil - Never Let it Win that has apparently since been deleted. (My response was moderated away when I was banned on 11/27/11 (about a month after this posting), but the comment I was replying to--written by the blog owner herself to another blogger/person commenting on her blog, and parts of which I QUOTED in my response--has been COMPLETELY disappeared... Go figure...)

Zilla/MJ said...
"You've done good, Thom! I almost feel sorry for that guy."
Right back atcha, my dear...
"...he should know that he may not comment at my blog unless he registers as a known troll & pays the toll."
The comment is for you, Zilla... Whether or not you post it is your choice, and scarcely matters to me either way...

If I ever have a response to somethin' you write that I want others to read, I'll post it on one of my blogs, because I know that too few of you conservative types can be trusted to go in for honest debate right out there in public... It's all about stifling the voices of others, for you folks...
"I still suggest a Troll Toll though, as it has worked well for me. ;) "
If you call preachin' to the choir workin', I guess... Personally, I wouldn't be all that proud of it, but then I prefer honest discussion and debate.

In the spirit of good neighborliness, lemmie say I'm glad you finally got your root canal, and I hope it relieved the pain for good and all... I have an idea of what you've been going through, as I had to wait about two months for my insurance to kick in so's I could go for a root canal of my own... The appointment's tomorrow. (Had I read yer blog earlier, I might've contributed a few bucks, in knowing sympathy...)

Posted 10/26/2011 03:25 AM (and disappointingly, removed from view by the moderator on Sunday, 11/27/11, mid-day, so as not to make her friend Donald Douglas "uncomfortable," as the truth so often does. The truth is optional sometimes, especially where friendship and / or a shared political point of view is concerned...)

While I can't link to the comment I was replying to (which I still think is mighty, mighty weird), I CAN link to Zilla (the blog owner's) response to this comment, posted 10/26/2011, 06:32 AM in reply to Guest - 1 Like (Needless to say, I am the Guest. If I'm not mistaken, I am the "1 Like," as well...)

Conservative bloggers make no sense to me... While I've been known to ADD old posts to my blogs after the fact, increasing the record and cross linking posts, conservatives always seem to be limiting comment and hiding content (and particularly dissent) and generally subtracting from their record... It's almost as though they don't believe their words and ideas can withstand scrutiny and dissenting points of view...

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