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X-Post: Donald Douglas and his Paranoid "Henchmen" Conspiracy Theory

UPDATE: For the one or two people who may follow Donald's Google search maze from his Saturday, October 15, 2011 ""Roundup on Progressive Campaign of Workplace Intimidation and Harassment" offering to get to this post, here's all you need to know:

W. James Casper has clearly and consistently spoken out against EVERY SINGLE PERSON who has ever threatened to or actually contacted Long Beach City College to complain about Donald Douglas' online antics. Donald's suggestion that anyone has ever said or done ANYTHING to or about him to anyone at my bidding or on my behalf--leaving me with clean hands and "plausible denial"--is paranoid conspiratorial nonsense. If you read his post(s) carefully, you'll note that he NEVER OFFERS ANY EVIDENCE THAT I PLAY ANY PART IN ANY INCIDENT--and in fact, if you follow the link that concludes this paragraph, you'll find many examples of my speaking out against such behavior, against Donald or anyone else, for any reason, written at the time the incidents occurred or were being discussed. (I also don't believe that any two of the folks who contacted Long Beach City College about Dr Douglas over the years conspired to do so or coordinated their actions, and Donald has never offered any proof suggesting any two incidents are linked in any way.) For my roundup of Donald Douglas' specious accusations against me in this regard over the last several years, please follow this link: Workplace Harassment - (btdt FAQ files)

Now back to the post at hand, in response to Donald's prior post accusing me of conspiring and coordinating these workplace incidents, written Thursday, October 13--a whole three days ago...

I invite any and all to read it through, and then to comment below if you see any evidence of Donald's allegation that the post "confirms [my] clinical obsession with seeing [him] fired." (Or, if you can't figure out what he's talking about either-- or perhaps believe that the post below suggests quite the opposite of what Dr. Douglas is alleging it does --may I suggest that you consider those facts when evaluating my posted statements and Donald's... ...and then, if you're brave enough to risk becoming another of his eeeeevil, niiiiihilist enemies for daring to question the great and powerful Douglas (who, in making these specious allegations and calling folks "assholes and dickwipes," apparently believes himself to be on a mission from God, which itself oughta tell ya something), may I suggest that you offer a comment to his post***, asking him to provide the specific quote(s) to which he's referring in making such a crazy, fact-free allegation. (***Sadly, Donald has removed any possibility to comment publicly on his recent post... ...which leads one to question what it is he's hiding... If you have anything to say, my comment section remains open and available to all, whatever your opinion on the matter.)

And thanks for stopping by... Now back to that earlier post:

Poor Donald... He's once again putting forth the theory that when other folks contact his workplace, suggest he's not fit to be in the classroom, or ridicule or criticize him in any way, shape, or form, *I* am somehow responsible, as though I am some eeeeevil genius who has minions who hang on my every word and act in my stead (thus giving me "plausible denial," y'understand...) The following is the latest iteration of Donald Douglas' paranoid theory:
American Power: W. James Casper's Demonic Band of Progressive Totalitarians

I was notified of yet another round of workplace attacks at the college.

I don't yet know who's once again contacting my employer (I should know next week),
Donald admits he doesn't know who contacted Long Beach City College, and yet he's already making accusations, both about the person he thinks actually did it, and against me, because the guy he's accusing left a few comments on my blog over the years, including a few in the last few days.
...but I've got a clue. It turns out that Captain Fogg left a comment at stalking hate-blogger W. James Casper's hell-hole, American Nihilist: Donald Douglas: Pathetic and Insecure (but proud right wing squirmer):
I certainly don't participate in what anyone but you would call retaliation, but then I'm not as worried as you that I've stepped over the line of common decency. You in fact, have good reason for retrospection and introspection. At this point I worry for the public at large and for students taught by you. I think you sound dangerous. I almost expect to see you in some headline some day.

I have no problem with people being called to task for harm they might have done to others. As an educated man, you certainly can distinguish between justice and retaliation even if you're somehow unable to get any point across without behaving like a foul-mouthed and spoiled little boy with serious self-esteem and impulse control problems.

How this makes me improperly retaliative or dishonest in your eyes, is beyond me, but then I know more about electrical engineering than about abnormal psychology.

So do you think people need to know about how you express yourself or is someone "retaliating" for quoting you? You either stand behind your words or you have your nose rubbed in them. It's up to you.

Was it you who showed up out of the blue at The Impolitic raving about impotence and penises and stupidity and all that after a rather dry assessment of Mitt Romney? Seems odd that you could dare to accuse anybody of excess after that repetitive example of your obsessive and obscene program of hounding and punishing anyone who writes anything you disagree with. The only reason I'm here is that you were there.

Frankly I think you're so far beyond the bounds of responsible civilized behavior that some public light should be shed on it and you know it because you wouldn't be squirming and squealing about persecution if you didn't know damn well how inappropriate it is for a teacher of young people to be what you are. You've got a body of "work" out there and it speaks for itself and it doesn't speak well of you.
I'll know more later about this. Folks can read the whole comment thread at that top Google result. I have no idea what Fogg is talking about with "retaliation." But I can say that this is the new line of attack from W. James Casper's demonic band of progressive totalitarians.
It's odd that Donald has no idea what Fogg was talking about as regards retaliation, since it was Donald who first used the word in the comment thread, and Fogg was responding to Don's comment...

My record as concerns contacting the workplace of someone you disagree with online should be crystal clear by this point--even to Dr. Donald Douglas, Pee HD, and the fact is, Fogg and I have disagreed about the particulars of Donald's situation and whether his words and deeds merit contacting Long Beach City College from the get-go.

(In fact, the only comment I ever had moderated out of existence by a liberal blog was this one, arguing with Fogg and others AGAINST contacting Donald's workplace. As a result of this disagreement, my affiliation with the owner of that blog came to an abrupt and unannounced end, when he removed his authorship here at AmNi, and removed my authorship there at The Swash Zone, without discussing either move with me ahead of time.)

That said, I respect Fogg's right to state his case in favor of contacting LBCC, both back in 2009, and--if that's what he was doing--again in the last day or so. And if Fogg ever did contact LBCC, he did not do so at my urging or with my blessing. He is not my "henchman." As with the others who've threatened to or actually contacted LBCC, whatever Fogg says or does, he says or does by his own volition, and I am not responsible for his or anyone else's actions, or the credit or scorn that results from what they say and do.
It's a variation on the old line: "Dr. Douglas has no business being in front of a classroom." And so in the progressive mind, this is reason enough to mount campaigns of libel and workplace harassment for the sole purpose of getting me fired. This was the attack of the atheists some time back, during the Elizabeth Edwards backlash. This was the same basic attack launched by Carl Salamipants and one of the asshats at Lawyers, Guns and Money. And this has been W. James Casper's latest ploy to continue his hate campaign of sponsoring threats against my livelihood.
I do believe that Donald Douglas lacks the temperament to appear in public, let alone teaching students, but by many student accounts he is a proficient professor... ...and--while I'm shocked that he can act like such an opinionated, vindictive buffoon online, and not be that same person in the classroom--that's good enough for me. As I've said many times before, making sure Donald does his job appropriately is up to his employers, and I hope they're paying attention... ...but barring evidence of a credible threat to harm someone at Long Beach City College, I will let LBCC pay as much or as little attention to Donald Douglas as they choose.

I don't know the details of these other situations where folks have contacted LBCC--I never asked, and they folks involved never offered any info, either--but I played no part in their actions, before, during, or after the fact. If Donald had evidence to the contrary, he would've offered it by now... He won't. He can't. It doesn't exist.

Donald's claim of "sponsorship" consists of the fact that I allow these individuals to comment here--and in one case from 2009, be an author here. (The fact is, everyone except spammers are welcome.) Of course, I also allow Donald to comment here, and no one--including Donald--has ever suggested that that PROVES I sponsor his nonsense. I let people have their say, whether I agree with 'em or not, and if what they have to say interests me, I respond... It's called blogging.
Now it's not just that I'm conservative, but that I use salty language in responding to these assholes. Yep, they're assholes and dickwipes and I have no problem pointing it out. So now, yet again, we've got the same bunch of idiots down with the defecations on Wall Street screaming like stuck pigs and contacting my employer? Heaven forbid I used some profanity! Fire that man! He's a danger to the commons!
Donald's wimpy profanity (the man uses asterisks to "protect" his delicate sensibilities when he writes "fuck") is hardly an issue for much of anyone... Most of us see it as his attempt to prove his manliness, but, because his purpose is so obvious, it has the opposite effect. And again, not even Donald knows who contacted his employer, so his excited ejaculations on the whole subject seem awful premature... (I'm not saying it couldn't be Fogg or some other blogger or commenter I've heard of, but the fact is, Donald is obviously and admittedly shooting off his fool mouth before he knows who or what he's even talking about...)
Fogg mentions Libby Spencer's The Impolitic, where I commented last week. But those comments have been deleted, so there's no actual record of what Fogg's talking about.
How creepy is it that Donald's "defense" is "you can't prove what I said in those comments?" (Of course, Donald forgets that anyone who gets blog comments via e-mail has a copy of everything he posted...)
And that's it exactly: If someone disagrees with comment at a blog they can delete it, or they can moderate them in advance. But for stalking asshats like Casper and Fogg it's always about contacting my employer, and making libelous allegations.
Sadly for Douglas, none of that has ever happened, at least as far as I'm concerned... For all his bullshit and bluster, Donald Douglas has no evidence that I have ever contacted LBCC... ...because I never have. He has no evidence that I ever instructed anyone else to do so, either... ...because I never have. (And like I said, there are a myriad of comments and quotes where I have expressly come out against anyone who ever contemplated or actually did contact LBCC.) Donald's conspiratorial "henchmen" fantasy is the product of a vindictively partisan feverishly paranoid mind. Even his "libelous allegations" bit as concerns me melts when confronted... For all his legal blather about lawyers and the police, he's never actually pulled that trigger... ...because he can't, and he knows it. I have never "harassed" or "intimidated" or "stalked" or "libeled" him. (And I'd venture to guess that his allegations to the contrary--being declarations that I have broken the law--are more legally actionable than anything I've ever posted about him.)
Notice above how Fogg claims I'm "dangerous." That would be perfect, wouldn't it, to allege that "Donald Douglas is a danger to his students and the college community, and he shouldn't be permitted anywhere near a classroom full of impressionable students"?
I sometimes wonder myself--especially given Donald's recent conspiratorial fantasies about me--but I trust that the relevant authorities and supervisors will see that glint of madness in his eyes before he actually does any harm.
BONUS: Hey Fogg, here's the link to the properly spelled "Murphry's Law," and you can thank your idiot hate-sponsor RACIST = REPSAC3 on the origins of your epic self-douche. BWAHAHAHA!!!!!
Sadly, no, on both counts...

Follow the link... There is only one "R" in Muphry's Law. Donald fucked it up yet again... (...yet again proving that Muphry's Law--that any written criticism of someone else's spelling, grammar or usage will contain at least one error in spelling, grammar, or usage--is all too often true, and that Donald ought to stay off that high horse of his, before he really hurts himself by falling off so often...)

And no, Fogg actually didn't make a spelling, grammar, or usage error in correcting what he had every right to think was Don's spelling error. (...though it was ironic that he corrected the only instance where Dr Douglas actually spelled "Muphry's Law" correctly.) Donald gave him no clue that he was referring to the law about spelling errors--the title of which is an INTENTIONAL misspelling of "Murphy's Law,"--though not the misspelling that Donald keeps using--and yet Dr Douglas is trying to hold him responsible for reading his mind and knowing what Donald was intending to say. Since he made no error in spelling, grammar, or usage, in the comment where he corrected Donald's misspelling of "Murphy's" Law, "Muphry's" Law doesn't apply, much as Donald may wish it did.

So thanks for playing, Donald, and bwaaahaha.
EXTRA: The only reference to "penises" I can think of would be "Captain Fogg Just Can't Go Long!" And that's a parody, protected by the First Amendment. But hey, progressive totalitarians hate free speech!!
I'm pretty sure Fogg didn't question Don's right to so often blog about penis, but the wisdom of his doing so, and what all of that penis talk says about ol' Don...
NOTE: Comments are closed. Readers who'd like to comment may reply to me by e-mail (at my Blogger profile) and I'll add comments in updates to this post.
Pretty cowardly there, Dr. Douglas... Almost as though he was afraid of something' (or he wanted to create more of those "whisper-in-his-ear" comments about how awful I am... Not that I'm accusing Donald, or nothin'...)

In any case, I replied as instructed:

Keywords: Donald Douglas: Pathetic and Insecure (but proud right wing squirmer) American Nihilst blogurl:

More info: Workplace Harassment - (btdt FAQ files)

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