Monday, September 05, 2011

In reply: Threats, or not, air unedited video, and let folks decide for themselves

In reply to the following comment at Jimmy Hoffa Threatens GOP At Obama Event: "Let's Take These Son Of Bitches Out" | RealClearPolitics

Any chance you will stop tap dancing and acknowlege that he made the threat?  We all heard him say what he said.  He used a long string of bellicose and threatening language, and you want us to think he actually meant us to take that as an "invitation for debate?"   Clean the wax out of your ears.

You idiots smeared Sarah Palin for using the image of a target, and now you want to pretend that "war, battle, fight, and take out the sobs" really means to throw roses?   Please!

All I'm saying is air the full video, and let folks think for themselves, Rachel... If you think calls to vote out the sons o bitches on the right (or the left) are threats of violence, than more power to ya... (Lots of folks will think you're a pretty sensitive little flower who prolly ain't suited to taking in anything more harsh than the average Disney flick--and certainly not anything involving US politics--but more power to ya, regardless...)

Look... I think the folks who thought sister Sarah's rhetoric caused the Giffords shooting were nuts. I also think the folks who're getting the vapors because a guy "threatened" his political opponents with being taken out via electoral loss are similarly nuts...

But regardless of who is/isn't nuts, the least folks can do is be fully informed, and to call on those creating such dishonest edits of these kinda things to be more honest... So that nuts or not, folks can know what it is they're being outraged about...

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Kevin Robbins said...

Reppy, went over and read enough of the comments to get the flavor. Without perusing all 3500+. Love the one that said Hoffa's words were "spine-chilling." Another's Rep was, eeek, a Muslim.

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