Thursday, March 29, 2012

In Reply: No Visible Blood, and No Protective Gloves (Trayvon Martin)

In reply to: Aren’t There Photos of George Zimmerman’s Supposed Injuries?

What struck me as far more questionable than the lack of obvious injury was the lack of obvious blood on his clothing (his own or Trayvon's, who was reportedly shot while above Zimmerman) and the lack of protective gloves on the officers handling his clothing, which are standard in a situation where there's any possibility of exposure to blood-borne disease (not to mention evidence contamination).

I don't doubt that there was a physical altercation between them, but this video does make me question the extent of it. (No matter how slight the scuffle though, I'm really surprised that the officer doing the search of his clothing before bringing him inside wasn't wearing gloves. While I'm sure it's not the way they portray it on the TV dramas, I'd think it difficult to contain all those blood drops and body bits during a close quarter shooting like this.)

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