Sunday, March 25, 2012

In Reply: "Pretending to be "Sheriff Zimmerman" wasn't against the law..." Trayvon Martin

In reply to the following comment at: Fox Tampa breaks silence on Trayvon shooting witness - Charleston Charleston Conservative |
Patrick Klinedinst commented: "Last time i checked 911 dispatchers have no legal authority. They are not LEO's"
Funny that everyone gives that same response, like it's on the talking point list, or something...

I never suggested that the dispatcher's words were a command that carried the force of law... I said they were the words of a person trained to talk to people who find themselves in dangerous, adrenaline-charged situations, and that anyone with the brains God gave 'em would've followed the dispatcher's suggestion. (Even police officers themselves don't charge in and confront folks they believe to be up to no good without back-up, if they can avoid doing so.) I find it awful hard to believe that there are more'n a handful of law enforcement professionals that would advise a civilian to do what Zimmerman did, or defend his actions as smart or safe after the fact. No, pretending to be sheriff Zimmerman against the advice of the dispatcher probably wasn't against the law. But it wasn't smart, and it resulted in the fight (no matter which one of 'em laid hands on the other first, a fact that no witness except Zimmerman is able testify to, given that Martin is no longer with us) and the death of Trayvon Martin.

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