Monday, March 26, 2012

In Reply: Zimmerman Claims He Went Back To His Car?

In reply to: Trayvon Martin Shooter Says Teenager Went for His Gun - ABC News

"Zimmerman had claimed he had called police about Martin, whom he found suspicious, then went back to his car when Martin attacked him, punching him."

No, Zimmerman was IN his car (at least initially) when he called the police. He then left it to follow Martin when Martin was "getting away," was told by the dispatcher that "we don't need you to do that," (follow the suspect), and he agreed not to continue pursuit, saying "OK."

And yet, the verbal and subsequent physical confrontation between the two men occurred some distance from Zimmerman's car (still parked by the clubhouse and mailboxes make that, parked on the street well over 200 yards away), several minutes later.

If one listens to the report of the 16 year old girl, she indicates that Zimmerman was STILL following Martin at the time the first words were exchanged (based on Trayvon asking the stranger "Why are you following me?"), AFTER Martin tells her he thinks he got away from the guy following him.

I don't know who hit who first, but Zimmerman's story about going back to his car doesn't hold up.

(Photo h/t to marinadedave - Front Page - The Tragedy of Trayvon Martin Read his whole post for more pictures and his insights about the story.)

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