Wednesday, December 12, 2012

In Reply: Crowder Unedited? and Why No Police Report?

In reply to: 'Democratic Underground' Users Claim Steven Crowder Caused Michigan Union Violence |, and the following lines in particular:
Despite all the incredibly irrational comments made at DU about this incident, there was one very apt question poised by one DUer:

Everybody has a videocamera in their phone nowadays. Shouldn't there be some unedited footage out there?"

There is (or should be) unedited footage, already... Where is the raw version of Crowder's tape (and why didn't he post that to youtube, rather than this edited version?)

There is very little that Crowder could've done that would legally or spiritually excuse the swings that the guy took...but something is edited out at 38 seconds in (right in the middle of the confrontation), and the union guy is getting up from the ground when the edit is over... If Crowder was responsible for the guy landing on the ground, that would explain why he got up swinging, at least... (Maybe the guy was just standing his ground.) A lot of people turn the other cheek (and in that regard, I think Crowder handled himself admirably once the guy started swinging.) Some don't--and while it may be against the law to throw punches, even in retaliation--and certainly not what Jesus would do--it's not all that uncommon, either.)

Crowder still needs to file a police report, so the police can investigate and work toward punishing the guilty...and maybe provide a narrative of the story that's less potentially biased than Crowder, the union guys, or the partisan pundits and online spinners, too. (That he hasn't done so yet is also kinda suspicious.)

Then too, is the fact that apparently, this isn't the first time Crowder's yelled wolf. (or "I've been hit!! I've been hit!!"), and that he's a student of the Breitbart school of video manipulation and low-rent propaganda, who now works for the professional version of Breitbart's BigPropaganda sites, FoxNews. When you have a Brietbart tape that's been edited, you should always ask why, and be careful not to judge the facts of the case until you actually HAVE all the facts...

Also, he's awful smug and cocky...

Still no excuse for hitting the guy, but curiouser and curiouser...
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