Wednesday, December 12, 2012

X-Post: I bet he can write his name in the snow with it, too...

Epic loser Dishonest Donald Douglas thinks I care...

They're like two teenage boys in the high school shower room... (I can understand McCain's fascination with his blog-hit / follower penis size... It is his only job, I think... But Ol' Dishonest Don just wants to fool himself into thinking he plays with the big boys...)

Original link: Epic Loser Walter James Casper III 'Isn't a Very Effective User' of Twitter

Twitter / rsmccain: @AmPowerBlog The troll to whom ... (and still misusing the word "troll," I see)

And lest anyone forget, I answered that tweet a few days ago, as well:

Reporting speakers you don't like to the authorities is no way to stand up for free speech...even if "the authorities" laugh in your face (or behind your back), and refuse to act on your whiny complaints...
(...and what's with that "#retard" thing? Methinks Sarah Palin (or Trig, at least) would not approve...)

Quick update: Saw this tweet. Suspect McCain thought I was defending the Schmalfeldt guy (who I know very little about, and haven't the time or inclination to find out about, either), rather than questioning how Dishonest Don's mind can turn a small number of on-topic comments submitted to the moderation queue of his blog--generally at posts where Donald attacks me by name--into "harassment," and then try to report that "harassment" (those comments) to the police, the FBI, his local congressman, lawyers, Google, etc...

It's ok, McCain... I probably wouldn't be following my story either, if Dishonest Don didn't keep dragging me back into it by periodically lashing out at me...

Obsessed much, Dr. Douglas?

An American Nihilist X-post

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