Friday, May 15, 2009

Roundup and Commentary - 5/14/09

It does no good to try to impress a person with some thought he can't relate to.
But if you can make him realize the obvious, that might change his life.


Bachmann: Remember the Amero! (Old post UPDATED, in reply to another Donald Douglas link) and American Power: Will Leftists Launch 'Currency Trutherism' Against Nouriel Roubini? (Read the post, follow the conversation in the comments.)

Dirty Carrie, Sarah Palin, and free speech: American Power: Palin Backs Prejean, Blasts "Liberal Onslaught" (Before anyone gets excited, "Dirty, nude, Carrie Prejean" is one of the top google set of search terms. I don't, in fact, think Carrie Prejean is a dirty girl, and challenge those gleefully counting all the blog hits to verbally denounce those pervs coming to their political blogs for the nudie pix, and to change the wording of their posts so that they no longer show up. You "Rule 5" folks know who you are...)

The drunk dating habits of wingnut trolls: Kind and Gentle Progressive Eruptions: MICHELLE OBAMA MAKES TOP 100 LIST FOR MAXIM MAGAZINE'S "HOTTEST WOMEN IN THE WORLD"


Wordie: RepMasterBarebacker3: Sorry girls... The "college man" behind clever nicknames like this one is already married... ...and besides, I have it on good authority that he's a doodiehead.

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