Saturday, May 09, 2009

X-Post: Donald Douglas sez: Democrats are Racists

American Nihilist X-Post


American Power: Mainstream Bigotry and Racism on the Democratic-Left

Once could parse the thing, explaining why each of his allegations makes no sense (in fact, someone did), but sometimes Donald is best exposed as the intellectually and morally bankrupt individual he is by simply reading his own words.

You have to read the whole thing to get the full effect, but here is my favorite paragraph:
"But, of course, the nihilists endlessly deny leftist bigotry and intolerance, for example, at my Garofalo post, where Repsac3 suggested that "No single individual is representative of the whole group." So true, that's why you have to link around to show just how common leftist bigotgry is today. What we find is that genuine, widespread, and MAINSTREAM bigotry in contemporary American politics is on the radical left end of the spectrum. See more of this at American Nihilist, Impending Arrival of BlackState

There's "widespread mainstream" bigotry on the "radical left" (defined in this piece and others as the Democratic party)? Associate Professor of Political Scienc,e Donald Douglas... You're one of the few whose performance is so bad, you should quit your day job. You are no doubt the weakest link. Thanks for sharing, though...

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