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X-Post: American Power: Professor Douglas Catches "Nihilist" Spelling Error!

American Nihilist X-Post

Professor Donald Douglas caught "nihilist" blogger Dr. Hussein Biobrain's misspelling of the name of newly minted Democrat Senator Arlen Specter as "Arlon" late yesterday, and did his best to broadcast it throughout his network, posting about it as a blog post or comment on at least three different blogs. While it appeared to be big time news to Donald, reaction to the misspelling from friend and foe alike was pretty much non-existent. As of the time of this writing, no one has verbally joined in and laughed with professor Douglas, or defended Biobrain's letter choices at any of Douglas' posts on the subject. We'll update this post should that change.

Meanwhile, we take you to Donald's most wordy comment on the subject, found at his own "American Power" blog: Arlon the Democrat!:
Look, we all make mistakes blogging, and in the blogosphere your adversaries will be the first to point them out!

If anyone would know that, it'd be Donald. When he's not making his own errors, he's writing outlandish posts like this one, making fun of some "enemy nihilist" who did.

So, let me take this opportunity to get a good laugh out of Dr. Hussein "There's No Class Warfare" Biobrain and his post on Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter, "Arlon the Democrat."

No, no one really knows why Donald occasionally tosses in irrelevant links to arguments he's lost, like the one here about class warfare, except to say he apparently thinks he came out on top, there... Sad.

Yes, that's right: "Arlon" Specter. I thought Dr. Biobrain was laying down the snark, since that's pretty much all the guy does (being unable to provide actual critical commentary and analysis on the issues). But no, this post is genuine, "Arlon the Democrat":

Notice Donald's need to keep talking about his delusion that he is superior to the person he's attacking, telling the reader--without proof, as usual-that Bio is unable to provide actual critical commentary and analysis on the issues. (Like Donald does in this brilliant critical commentary about Bio's misspelling of the word "Arlen," I guess...)
One of the big things I don't understand about the debate on Senator Specter's switch to the Democratic Party is how his detractors imagine they're making any sense ....

I think we're going to see a different Arlon Specter. I think Arlon is looking out for Arlon and that means he's going to be siding with us. Not that he'll take the lead on much or give as much support as we'd like, but I predict that he'll be a much better Democrat now that he's a Democrat.

Okay, I admit it: I typed in Arlen "Spector" when I first wrote about the defection yesterday, but caught it before hitting "publish." Maybe Phil Spector's murder conviction had something to do with it, being recent news and all.

This is the kicker... Donald's misspelling of "Specter" is perfectly reasonable... It was a simple mistake that could happen to anyone. Professor Douglas even goes out of his way to rationalize it. But Biorain's misspelling of "Arlen?" Completely different. Proof of sheer stupidity, even. It's classic Donald Douglas.

But "Arlon"?

Where in the world did that come from?

It's a misspelling, Professor. It probably just seemed right, at the time... (How many people do you know named Arlen, anyway...?)

Pray tell, what are your theories?


Doubt it.

A Biobrain turn-on?

Oh look... It's Donald Douglas' big gay Malaysian lover, again... The last time Donald went on a mostly off-topic posting spree to a whole bunch of other folks' blogs like this, it was because he found a link on someone's blog that lead to a website, which in turn linked to a blogroll with 1290 blogs listed on it, and one of the blogs on that list belonged to Donald's new man-crush, a gay Malaysian guy who Donald keeps posting about, all the while accusing everyone else of being "too gay friendly," if ya know what I mean, because there are less than six degrees of internet separation between this gay Malaysian and the folks on my blogroll... (Of course, Professor Douglas is on my blogroll...) I debunked his batshit crazy theory at length here, but Donald is not one to let go of a bone, no matter how rancid.

Beats me?

We pretty much always beat you, Donald... We suspect that that's why you're so cranky.

Maybe Dr. BioDenialistBarebackerNihilist needs to take a break from Reppy's place so he can catch up on some actual news and information!

Actually, apart from the unfortunate misspelling that has so entranced professor Douglas, Bio offered a pretty cogent analysis of the actual news of Arlen's party switch. Perhaps you agree, or perhaps you don't, but one would have to be a fool to suggest that Bio was not discussing actual news.

Posted by Donald Douglas at 5:32 PM Labels: Democratic Party, Radical Left


Fascinating stuff, obviously. But of course, that's not all...

Check out his contribution to Bio's blog, where the dreaded misspelling actually took place:

"Arlon? Klingon?

Dr. BioDenialistBarebackerNihilist needs to step away from the TV!

It seems to me it's professor Douglas who has this fascination with TV sci-fi languages, not Bio...

I'm looking for the snark here, but I think you just don't know how to spell the guy's name...

I think he's on to something here... The professor must be a super-genius, to've figured that out...

Or, maybe you've just heard of Arlen Specter right now, this week...

A theory disproved by the post to which Donald's replying, not that he'd notice... (The fact that he recognized the spelling error is itself kinda surprising...)

...when he threw whatever principles he had to wind in selling out to the dark side.

Popular opinion on both sides of the aisle seems to be that Arlen Specter was always on the fence, politically. The theory that he's suddenly changed his principles is not widely accepted by much of anyone.

But please, don't correct it. This is gold. No wonder you blog anonymously, LOFL!!

It took Donald three tries to get every word in a comment correct last night. (He deleted the evidence, of course, but those who get comments via e-mail see all the deleted, disappeared commentary...) The idea that a misspelled word in the blog post of an "enemy" so tickles him says a lot about the kind of man Donald really is...

Yo, I have an accountant here who can help you pay WAY more in taxes! Ouch!"

Ouch, indeed.

Still want more? Donald apparently did. Not content to shoot his "misspelled word" wad at Bio's blog and his own, he next came to visit here at American Nihilist, and spread his happy at a post having nothing to do with Specter, Biobrain, misspellings, or anything else that might be considered vaguely relevant.

While the content was removed from that post for being off-topic, it was cleverly kept alive and viable, for a post such as this one. Here then, is that missing content:

I love it, "Arlon the Democrat!".

You nihilist nasties are the best!


Man... If that don't show us, nothing will.

When I confronted professor Douglas about his off-topic post, his reply was some whiney rant about this blog, having very little to do with anything up to now, not even the all important spelling error:

Repsac3: Take it down. Take American Nihilist down, okay. Your whole program is an attack on me personally, and my blogging, and my values.

You are full of hypocritical baloney!

I posted to American Nihilist because that's your anti-Douglas blog. I did not post at Batnutz, or What'd I Say, or ... well, any of your other half dozen excoriation blogs.

I commented at where you guys attack me as Doug the Dog and God knows what else.

TAKE IT DOWN! Then I'll respsect your space.

My favorite part is, of course, the spelling error in professor Douglas' comment. When I casually call him on it in the next comment, saying, "Donald, I think you've already proven that it's highly unlikely you'll ever "respsect" me or my space. You're just not a particularly "respsectful" person...", his reply is a case in karmic justice:

"...unlikely you'll ever "respsect" me..."

God man, learn to spell. You're getting to be as bad as Biobrain.

Being identified as nihilist is an ideological characterization, not a personal attack. That is what you and your henchmen are, nihilist.

I seriously doubt anyone would believe "Doug the Dog" has anything to to with debating ideas. In fact, this blog is about ideas. American Nihilist is about excoriating me personally, and in the most demonically deviant way. The stuff you and your allies post there is literally beyond belief. And you love to play gotcha ...

Yet, now you hypocritically cry foul.

Of course, turnabout is fair play. Quit your whining or take it down.

That's right... Donald Douglas attacks me for his typo. Brilliant. Typical. Donald.

I also love how his blog is about ideas. Ideas like how to attack people for spelling errors, apparently...

There's more, including how Donald finds it significant that missing a typo is different from missing an actual spelling error--a distinction that seems to make him feel less stupid for his typo and his attacking me for it, I guess--and his suggestion that I write this post (Thanks professor.), but you can follow the existing links and read the whole thing for yourselves...

In another recent post, Donald Douglas threw a little hissy fit about people not believing he is a college professor, or worrying about his students. (He'll tell you "Note here that I am just reporting this, not complaining.," which he seems to think inoculates him from the obvious conclusion that most reading it will draw from his rant; he's complaining.) And, while he tries to make it about ideology, the vast majority of folks that I've seen questioning his being a professor do so after reading one of these unprofessional, immature, petty attacks on others over things like spelling errors, that are sadly so frequent on his blog. I think most Americans want to believe that when they send their kids to college, it isn't to have them taught by someone who will comment on three separate blogs about a guy's spelling error. I think they expect more...

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