Friday, May 08, 2009

Roundup and Commentary - 5/7/09

America was not built by conformists, but by mutineers. - Jim Hightower


More about bigotry, or the lack of it: Beer: Definitely a check; Steers: Well, he eats red meat, so check; Queers: Eh, not so much | Comments from Left Field

The "outrageous" "offensive" tip of the movement iceberg: American Power: Inside the Mind of an Extremely Bitter Gay Man

"Breeder": Homosexual slur for people who contribute to population growth, or term for those who have kids, but don't parent them? (or, is it just a member of a good 80's band?): American Power: Old-Fashioned, Un-Subtle Bigotry Against Traditional Families x2

The establishment clause, and the art of not being "better than": Conservatives Live in a Different Moral Universe than Liberals-- And Here's Why It Matters

Posting the name of God in public, Hate speech, and Political correctness: Is it just me...

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