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X-Post: Conversation with Andrew Breitbart about the ACORN tapes

Wingnuts & Moonbats X-post

It all started with the following tweet:

andrewbreitbart: : "OPEN OFFER STILL OPEN: Harshbarger, Soros, Podesta & @ericboehlert still refuse to watch FULL-UNEDITED ACORN tapes with Hannah, James & me."

repsac3: : "@andrewbreitbart How about releasing them to the media as a whole so we ALL can watch them together on our TV screens?"

andrewbreitbart: : "@repsac3 sure! show me the network interest and im game!"

repsac3: : "@andrewbreitbart Are you seriously telling me that no one in the media has asked for the full unedited ACORN tapes?!?" repsac3: : "@andrewbreitbart Cause, speaking as a news consumer, I sure want to see 'em..."

andrewbreitbart: : "@repsac3 As a 'news consumer' U should enjoy: FULL AUDIO & FULL TRANSCRIPT (Except Philly, per lawsuit):"

ACORN Video Investigation Resources
Baltimore: Exclusive Story | Full Audio | Full Transcript
DC: Exclusive Story | Full Audio | Full Transcript
New York: Exclusive Story | Full Audio | Full Transcript
San Bernardino: Exclusive Story| Full Audio | Full Transcript
San Diego: Exclusive Story | Full Audio and Transcript, Part I | Full Audio and Transcript, Part II
Philadelphia: Exclusive Story
Los Angeles: Exclusive Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Full Lavelle Stewart Audio and Transcript

(Note that there are no FULL VIDEO links, where we can watch lips move and take note of everyone's non-verbal cues.)

repsac3: "@andrewbreitbart Interesting, but they aren't the full tapes, Andrew. Media Matters has been asking since 9/09"

As questions mount, Media Matters calls for ALL unedited ACORN footage to be released

Washington, D.C. -- Today, in light of mounting questions challenging the credibility and the legality of the ACORN surveillance videos, Media Matters for America calls on Andrew Breitbart to release the full, unedited, and unauthorized footage shot at various ACORN locations across the country -- including locations where the two filmmakers may have been rebuffed. ACORN has said that the surveillance effort failed in "at least seven other locations," including Philadelphia, where ACORN filed a police report against James O'Keefe, and the ACORN worker says that she asked him to leave.

"Given the increasing number of questions about the credibility of these tapes and the people behind them, there is no reason that anyone should accept this footage at face value," said Eric Burns, President of Media Matters. "Anyone committed to responsible journalism would have already released all the unedited tapes in their entirety."

andrewbreitbart: : "@repsac3 no, those are full tapes. again: those are full unedited tapes. @mmfa is ALWAYS wrong. learn that and you will live a long life."

repsac3: : "@andrewbreitbart Where is the full video? Where are the tapes where James & Hannah didn't get the goods?" repsac3: : "@andrewbreitbart I want to see more lips mouthing the words I hear... ...and they exist."

andrewbreitbart: : "@repsac3 we showed the ONE LA video with Felis Harris. He didnt kick them out. But didnt help. THAT WAS IT."

repsac3: : "@andrewbreitbart Are you saying that only one ACORN office rebuffed them? There were NO other tapes/locations that have not been released?" repsac3: : "@andrewbreitbart (and that still doesn't speak to full unedited video tapes.)"

andrewbreitbart: : "@repsac3 yes, that is what i am saying. only felix harris in one of the LA offices rebuffed them. ONE. deal with it." andrewbreitbart: "@repsac3 said will play fullvideo in front of soros, podesta, @ericboehlert. offered full audio, transcripts. what r u expecting to change?"

repsac3: "@andrewbreitbart If it's true, I can deal with it. But I know ACORN just as vehemently says there were others..." repsac3: "@andrewbreitbart ...and neither of you is offering more than your own words. Both of you have biases, so I have reason to doubt you both."

(And apparently, only one of you has video tapes.)
((I think my second tweet above crossed @andrewbreitbart's tweet below, which explains why he asks me for proof "after" I say neither ACORN or he is offering anything more than their own claims.))

andrewbreitbart: "@repsac3 they are liars. and have been proven to be so time and time again. what offices repelled them? show us these heroic employees!" andrewbreitbart: "@repsac3 here's your SINGULAR HEROIC ACORN employee:"

repsac3: "@andrewbreitbart If you can play the full videos for them, you can play them for the rest of us, in public." (replying to "@repsac3 said will play fullvideo in front of soros, podesta, @ericboehlert. offered full audio, transcripts. what r u expecting to change?", a few tweets above.)

andrewbreitbart: "@repsac3 yes, would insist that FULL VIDEO showing w SOROS, PODESTA and EARACHE BOEHLERT was done for public. Would be awesome!"

repsac3: "@andrewbreitbart I'm with you, then. Full, unedited videos, start to finish... though I suspect the best you'll get is @ericboehlert."

andrewbreitbart: "@repsac3 PUBLIC! TELEVISED! Q&A AFTER! And Hannah, James & my interrogators there to have to answer for their lies."

repsac3: "@andrewbreitbart I'm with ya, Breitbart. I want EVERYONE to answer for whatever appears." repsac3: "@andrewbreitbart I still say they should've been released from the beginning, though... ...and without meeting demands in return." repsac3: "@andrewbreitbart (Hell, I'd also include the ACORN workers who appear in the videos, if they wish to appear.)"
repsac3: "@andrewbreitbart I just hope you won't use the fact that Soros is as unlikely to appear as Melon-Scaife would've been in his time..." repsac3: "@andrewbreitbart refuse to do this, should the others agree..."

(After 10-15 minutes)

repsac3: "@andrewbreitbart The bottom line is, I'm all for the circus,but the circus isn't necessary for you to release the full unedited ACORN tapes" repsac3: "@andrewbreitbart In fact, if this was about truth, you would've released the full unedited tapes when the story broke."
repsac3: "@andrewbreitbart That said, thanks for taking the time to speak with me... Far too rare to have folks in any kinda media replying to 'us.'"

andrewbreitbart: "@repsac3 you're welcome."

Now, I don't particularly like the guy, nor do I trust him, but I did think it was pretty cool that he discussed it with me.

The most interesting things to me were where he claimed the media has no interest in the full, unedited tapes (I somehow doubt that, though so far, the only folks I've been able to quote specifically ASKING for them are Media Matters. I will keep looking, however...), and the dispute over how many unsuccessful tapes the Mac Daddy, Hannah & Breitbart actually have (or had.) Andrew claims--without proof--that there was only one. ACORN claims--also without proof--that there were at least seven. I don't really trust either of 'em--they both have reason to lie--but hopefully the unvarnished and undisputable truth will come out, somehow...

Wingnuts & Moonbats X-post

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