Monday, February 08, 2010

X-Post: Donald speaks... ...and the rest of us say "huh?"

American Nihilist X-post

"I don't use the old-fashioned term "liberal" to describe today's political left, and while my view on this has been firmly grounded in abstract ideological thinking (which some [we, at American Nihilist], in futility, have challenged), it's interesting we have some confirmation of such leftist identification in David Paul Kuhn, discussing Gallup's new poll, "Majority of Dems View Socialism Positively.'" - Donald Douglas, American Power: Condescending Leftists

Not only don't I know what Donald is alleging about us here at American Nihilist, I don't think he does, either.

Sure we've challenged Donald's neoconservative political & social beliefs--and even more often, his lack of substantive evidence in support of his "ideology-driven" partisan allegations (and note that again in this very excerpt, he makes some vague charge of "futile challenges" against him, with absolutely zero evidence or specifics)--but I don't recall Donald's previous discussion of his not using the term "liberal," let alone any challenge of whatever "abstract ideological thinking" Donald used to create his view on the subject, anywhere on this blog.

With so many actual arguments (and yes, slights large and small) against Professor Donald Douglas and his beliefs and tactics here, we at American Nihilist wonder why he occasionally feels the need to just make one up, like some kinda neocon strawman to build up and immediately knock down.

I get that much of Donald's belief system thrives on having an enemy "other" to attack and from whom to "defend" himself and his whole world-view, but making up some "challenge" to his beliefs about the term "liberal"--& characterizing this non-existent challenge as "futile," taboot-- is just sad, even for him. Put up or shut up, Donald... Show you cards, or admit you cannot.

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