Monday, August 16, 2010

In Reply: "Moving the Cultural Center Will Only Embolden the Bigots..."

In reply to: The Mahablog - More on the 9/11 Families, and in particular the update indicating that Haaretz is reporting that the folks who intend to build the cultural center in lower Manhattan intend to back down. (It sounds like planted propaganda to me--why would an Israeli paper have inside info on this?--but one never knows...)

I too, hope Haaretz is wrong.

Moving the cultural center at this stage would only embolden the bigots--both the terrorists who hate us for our freedoms, when they see how easily we're willing to give them up, and the ones here in America who are opposing muslim mosques and community centers--not to mention muslims themselves--all throughout America.

I don't care what the polls supposedly say. We don't vote on civil rights or Constitutional protections here in America, no matter how unpopular the exercise of those rights and protections may be.

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