Saturday, August 14, 2010

X-Post: In reply: 'Friends of Terror' Attend White House Ramadan Dinner

In reply to: American Power: Obama Defends Plan for Mosque Near Ground Zero — 'Friends of Terror' Attend White House Ramadan Dinner

It'd probably just be easier if Dr. Douglas and his "friends of bigotry" at Horowitz's FrontPage Magazine, Spencer's Jihad Watch, and Geller's Atlas Shrugs list the Muslims they don't believe are "Friends of Terror," because reading them, it seems as though they feel the only good Muslims are ex-Muslims (or dead Muslims... ...and it's sometimes hard to tell which they prefer).

In any case, their list of approved Muslims that "real Americans" like them could associate with--without getting that familiar guilt by association stain of "connections with" islamist jihad on 'em, I mean--couldn't be very long.

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