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X-Post: In Reply: Obama-Rama at Jersey Shore — That's RAAAAACIST!!

In reply to American Power: Obama-Rama at Jersey Shore — That's RAAAAACIST!!

No Donald, it's just stupid. (...though I do think the caricature of the President does look a little more "minstrel show" / "lawn jockey" than might be aproppriate... I'm just sayin'...)
I love the fact that you can almost take out Obama and Osama at the same time. But seriously, I'd say the leftist outrage is a bit much, since everything from guillotines to Bush assassination movies greeted the 43rd occupant of the White House. Well, at least it gives desperate lefties another chance to scream RAAAAACIST!!
First off, I suppose it'd be lost on ol' Don to point out that the folks at the other end of his his "desperate lefties" links don't actually scream about the game being racist (or raaaaacist). Don's got his meme and he's stickin' with it though, facts be damned...

Second, the fact that he's still whining about the various depictions and other mistreatment of Dubya back in 2008 puts the hypocrisy to his words now... Public figures get mistreated, and yeah, some of it is over the top.

While Donald likes to dismiss racism raaaaacism and bigotry biiiiigotry as though they don't exist, some things really are considered over the top (or should be) because the target is black, or jewish, or a woman.

Others are considered over the top (or should be) just because the person is a fellow human being.

The rest (including this, and much of what folks on the right whined about when Bush was in office) is just political speech, protected by the Constitution and offensive to those who don't agree with it. People who don't like Obama (or Bush, or Pelosi, or Palin) have every right to throw beanbags or pies at depictions of 'em in a carnival game. Shooting guns at 'em (any of 'em) is over the line for me, and I'd like to think I'd speak up to the owner of the carnival and/or to the media (this blog, at least), no matter who the "celebrity" target(s) were. (Bullseyes, ducks, and even non-descript "criminals" or "enemy soldiers" are one thing, but depictions of actual people just doesn't seem right, to me... YMMV...)

I'm also no big fan of burning anyone in effigy, defecating on folks, or lynchings... (Lynchings are one of those things that take on an aspect of biiiiigotry when done to some folks (blacks, witches, black witches, ...) that is somewhere between "less pronounced" and "non-existent" when done to others, whether it's intended that way or not... Folks like Don are welcome to continue denying that racial sensitivities exist and to therefore dismiss that, as they will...)

The people I most respect are consistent, and don't whine out of one side of their mouths when eeeeevil things are said about folks on their side, while saying eeeeevil things about folks they oppose out of the other. For example:
Rusty Walker said...
Oh my! I do wish they wouldn't do this. I know they mocked Bush mercilessly, and still do. I find the Leftists that traffic in this type of crudeness, vile. We don’t need this now. These are the types of isolated incidents and clips the press will pull out to accuse the entire Right as racist. I wouldn't want to be associated with anything like this regards a U.S. president...even if it were Jimmy Carter!
Yeah, that's why I generally found Rusty to be a class act, back when I wasn't banned from Don's blog... We often disagreed, but he held friend and foe to the same standards... Donald Douglas could learn a thing or two from Mr Walker... (not that I expect he ever will...)

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