Monday, October 04, 2010

Donalde Douglas: Treat people like the individuals they are...

In reply: American Power: HUMAN EVENTS Reporter Assaulted at Socialist "One Nation" Rally

This one was caught on tape. Who knows how many additional altercations weren't recorded? These people are thugs. From Jason Mattera:

Jason Mattera. The guy who ambushes Democratic officeholders, butters them up, and then hits them with rude or obnoxious questions. (And admits having no problem being rude to them, because they're Democrats.) And Donalde's calling "the Left" thugs... Funny.

Again. There is no "these people." It's one woman who may be a thug, and because the video is edited, there's no conclusive evidence that she wasn't provoked in some way. (Why edit the video, otherwise? What was cut out?)

If the woman wasn't provoked, she's a damned nut to be so angry for no reason (Emily Miller wasn't wearing any "I'm a right-winger" ID on her, so it wasn't political).

Either way, the police saw the tape, and didn't find cause to arrest the woman for assault or anything else, which also makes me curious... What we see in the edited video looks bad, but what did the police see (either in the uncut video, or there at the scene) that we're not seeing, that caused them to let the crazy lady go? Hopefully if any legit media decides to cover the story, they'll interview those cops to find out what it was we didn't see. (I'll lay bets that the unedited video isn't being released anytime soon. They never are until they're required to be by law, and when they do get released, they tend to exonerate the folks getting framed by the edited versions...)

But really, Dr Douglas... This woman represents herself, not "the Left." (You know, the same way you don't speak for all of "the Right," as concerns the Rutgers suicide issue, for just one example.)

People are individuals, and whether good or bad, you ought to consider treating them that way, rather than pretending they're nothing more than representatives of the sociopolitical groups to which they belong.

This one posted October 3, 2010 8:35 PM (AmPow blog time -- moderation was turned off, but Donald deleted it pretty quickly, for reasons that remain unclear. (He's obviously afraid of something, though...)

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