Thursday, October 07, 2010

X-Post: A Douglas Hirabah Against "the Left"

American Power: Leftist Jihad Against Pamela Geller

A Leftist jihad, Dr. Douglas?

Not even Geller herself is making that claim in the post to which Donalde links (which is all about fundamentalist Islamist death threats--though she seems to be blaming Muslims for them), and Donalde says nothing to make his case that "the Left" has anything to do with it.

I mean, I've no doubt that many (most?) folks on the left who are familiar with her "work" believe Pamela Geller expresses bigotry toward Muslims and toward anyone who has the temerity to disagree with her, whatever their religion or ethnicity, but believing that--or even saying so, even directly to her face--is hardly launching any kinda jihad against her, and it surely isn't threatening her life.

Yeah, there probably have been a few nuts who, in the name of their liberal politics, have made anti-Semitic or other real threats. But they no more represent "the Left" than clinic bombers or that moron who shot up the Unitarian church in TN represent "the Right." Making broad generalizations about any whole class of people based on the actions of the weakest links in their midst is exactly how bigoted thoughts and beliefs are born and take root. And one might even argue that doing so is itself "weakest link" behavior.

There are many legitimate arguments one can have about liberal vs conservative thought on any given subject, and there are even individual assholes doing evil things for political motives that one can highlight and attack, if one is so inclined. So why does Donald Douglas so often slander "the Left" with bullshit that, even being generous, can only be attributed to a small number of individuals?

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