Tuesday, October 05, 2010

X-Post: Donalde Douglas and his con crew confuse the media with the message

American Power: Climate Terrorism

Once again, Dr Douglas and a gaggle of his rightwing friends confuse the misplaced "creativity" of a writer/director (or in past, an ad agency) with the issue they are trying to bring attention to.

In this case, it's a short film called "No Pressure," written by Richard Curtis (Four Weddings and a Funeral, Love Actually, Mr Bean, ...), that includes Gillian Anderson, british soccer star Peter Crouch, music donated by Radiohead. It was shot by director Dougal Wilson. Everyone involved donated their time and talents.

The four minute film is pretty nasty. In it, people unwilling to try cutting their carbon emissions by ten percent by the end of 2010 are blown up pretty graphically, with gore and guts galore. The writer says he was going for the same kind of humor as one might find in a Monty Python sketch, and the scenes did kind of remind me of Mr. Creosote, from "The Meaning of Life." Unfortunately, I didn't find that bit funny, either. The whole thing is in pretty bad taste, though as with Mr. Creosote, I'm sure there are some who get the joke that the rest of us all seem to be missing.

However--and here's where teh Donalde and his fellow cons fall off the rails--the explosions are not tied to anything the 10:10 organization says or stands for. They don't advocate killing anyone or say that folks who don't reduce their admissions might as well be dead, or any such thing... but you'd never know that by reading the conservative, climate change denier reaction. To them, this film in some way proves that climate science is the work of "the Global Warming Taliban" and Enviro-Nazis, all of whom are "rotten to the core." More:
Midnight Blue Says: "This is the radical environmental movement’s version of the Final Solution. If you don’t go along with anthropogenic global warming, you will be exterminated."

Zombie (no comment) sez: "final proof that the Green movement are a bunch of crypto-fascists with violent fantasies of exterminating their opponents, and who use threats to enforce groupthink"

James Delingpole offers this: "With No Pressure, the environmental movement has revealed the snarling, wicked, homicidal misanthropy beneath its cloak of gentle, bunny-hugging righteousness."

Bad taste? Sure.
Indicative of the environmentalist movement's true feelings about those who don't agree with 'em? Not so much.

There's no doubt that the filmmaker's made a mistake in creating such a film, and the 10:10 organization should've rejected it outright. But it sure seems to me that some of the most strident opponents of the film have themselves gone over the edge in denouncing it, reading in messages that only they can seem to hear, and trying to tie this one creative overreach to the whole of the environmental movement. When they start denouncing you as the Taliban and as Nazis, there's little doubt what their intent for you is... ...the same eliminationism they're accusing you of perpetrating...


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