Tuesday, October 26, 2010

In Reply: Donalde Douglas again proves he's humorless...

In reply to American Power: Picture of the Day, 10-25-10, and in particular Donalde's October 26, 2010, 5:16 AM comment.

(My previous comment, suggesting that our fair Donalde was misreading Walter, and that Don lacked a sense of humor--Walter's faux caption was pretty clearly intended as a rightwing commentary on "the leeeeeft" and "the lamestream media," and thus did not deserve Donalde's "Walter: You're obviously and asshole. Your comments won't be approved should you come again. Prick." reply--was unfortunately lost in the internet aether. This one, in reply to Donalde's follow-up comment and the suggestion that Walter was serious and that I approved of what the man was saying about American troops ("Repsac3 tried to comment, approvingly, but he's banned so his excoriation didn't get through." I was excoriating who, exactly?) (as well as the odd sentence "These are the freaks show will be repudiated on November 2nd.", did not suffer the same fate.)

Have it your way, Donald... ...and be glad you have sycophants like Dennis who will just about always see things just as you tell him they are.

I'm telling you, Walter is (or was) on your side, and was trying to diss "The Left," just as you so often do... If you really don't want him though, we "nihilists" will be glad to accept him (and at least listen to his ideas, though not necessarily agree with them) over on our side of the aisle.

So please, keep on attacking your erstwhile fellow conservatives because you fail to understand their attempts at humor. Sure, it makes you look kinda foolish, but anything that makes folks on the right rethink the people and ideas they see as "friendlies" is all to the good, as far as I'm concerned...

You really are humorless, Donald, and it really is sad...

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