Monday, January 10, 2011

In Reply: Crazy makes the politics of the AZ shooter kinda insignificant

In reply to the following comment, posted at 2nd Suspect Sought in Tucson Shooting – No Proof of Political Motive | Right Wing News:
"But, I don't see conservatives doing the same, with or without gusto. What I see is conservatives pointing out that the very opposite of the accusation is true. Think about it this way, imagine someone here started screaming that this was evidence that illegal immigration had gotten out of control, that the illegals had killed a U.S. Congresswoman. You respond that that's silly, the culprit wasn't an illegal alien. He was a native-born American. They in turn respond that clearly, you're attacking native-born Americans, by trying to tie them in with the killer. You'd conclude that's pretty silly, wouldn't you? That's kind of how your argument comes across."

Bill... If you haven't seen the folks on the right latching on to "The Communist Manifesto" in the guy's reading list as clear proof that he was a liberal (while conveniently ignoring the Ayn Rand book that doesn't fit their chosen meme), you haven't been paying enough attention. Sure, these folks on the right are a minority (just as the folks on the left claiming Palin was responsible are a minority of the left), but in both cases they're out there, exploiting the dead and injured in the name of striking a blow against the political partisans they believe to be eeeeevil.

The guy was crazy. Crazy make his politics, left or right, kinda insignificant, either as an explanation or motivation for his actions, or as some kinda evidence that ..."all (liberals/conservatives/Democrats/Republicans/???) are therefore evil, or wrong, or ...well, anything..., just like this guy." I mean, the Son of Sam says he did it because a dog told him to... but precious few reasonable people actually placed the blame on dogs for the murders, despite Berkowitz's claims.

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