Friday, January 21, 2011

In Reply: Sycophants and Slugs

In reply to: The Mahablog � Lies, Damn Lies, and Donald Douglas:

Dr Douglas lies from the first capital letter to the final period. All one can do is patiently correct his intentionally slanderous verbiage with more of your own.

I've always believed that the intelligent ones come to see for themselves, and when they do, they learn the truth. The sycophants and slugs who just take his word for everything are far too stupid worry about... which is good, because there is nothing anyone can do to educate them, anyway. For them, it's all about faith, not fact. Dr Douglas is a conservative, and conservatives never lie (or cheat, or steal, or do anything else that most other folks--and all liberals, of course--tend to do. Folks like Donald (& John Hawkins, and Jim Hoff, & ...) would be nothing without their true believers, lapping up whatever lies they tell and repeating them to all their friends...

It's kinda pathetic, actually. Scary, but pathetic.

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