Friday, August 19, 2011

X-Post: Donald Douglas Attacks People Mourning the Death of Marriage Equality Activist Christina Santiago...

...and then attacks them again, for noticing his awful behavior...

American Power: Stay Classy Progressives: Gay Rights Extremists Lash Out After NOH8 Caught Wellstoning the Death of Christina Santiago

For most of us, the articles and posts commemorating Christina are about mourning the death of a pretty, young, motivated activist and human being. The only one politicizing Christina's death or trying to exploit it for political gain is Donald Douglas. To the best of my knowledge, the only person who is attacking NOH8 and those who mourn Christina, as person or as an activist, for what they've written about her since her death is Donald Douglas. This isn't about Republicans, conservatives, Christians, or even about homophobes and bigots. This is about Donald Douglas, and about his need to destroy what he cannot accept or understand, no matter the cost to his own humanity. That Dr. Douglas is trying to turn it around and paint those who call him out for his bigoted insensitivity toward Christina Santiago and her friends and family as the aggressors is really disgusting... For those familiar with Donald Douglas, however, it isn't that surprising.


The NOH8 Tribute: Remembering Christina Santiago | NOH8 Campaign

Donald's first attack On NOH8 and on those mourning Christina: American Power: Extremist NOH8 Campaign Exploits Christina Santiago Death for Crass Political Gain

The responses:
American Henchmen: NoH8, Dr. Douglas - Highlighting the work of activist Christina Santiago after her sudden death at age 29 isn't "crass exploitation"

Eschaton: For Christina Santiago

Whiskey Fire: Corruption!

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Balloon Juice - There Is Something Deeply, Deeply Wrong With These People

One thing you can do in memory of Christina, and to fight the bigotry of folks like Donald Douglas: Howard Brown : In Memoriam: Christina Santiago

American Henchmen: Donald Douglas - On Teh Gay

An American Henchmen (Nihilist) x-post

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