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X-Post: There is simply no lie that Donald Douglas will not try to tell and sell...

In his most recent post, Donald tries to equate my support for marriage equality to pedophilia. As always, it's a specious charge to make, and again exposes the way Dr Douglas thinks about the gay folks around him, and about his tenuous hold on the truth.

Other than one link to me saying that folks have told me that Donald Douglas is a lost cause not worth debating online--one even suggesting that he might be dangerous--and my saying that I believed it was worth it, in order to expose a way of thinking that I believe is harmful to this country, Donald never quotes me, preferring instead to tell you what he claims I've said. (This is a common trick by Dr. Douglas... By paraphrasing his "enemy" rather than quoting him, Donald can create whatever narrative he wishes, without having to confront the other person's actual words or their actual connotative and denotative meanings. I'd imagine he thinks the people who read his posts are too foolish or blinded by partisanship to notice his deception or to care... ...and sadly, perhaps a few actually are...)

A few specifics...
"...REPSAC3 is all about live and let live and if it feels good do it."
Sadly, no. Were Donald brave enough to quote the things I've said about morality (whether sexual or otherwise), I'm sure he'd find that I advocate for both self-imposed and legally-mandated limits on behavior. While I do believe in personal freedom, personal freedom is not and should not be absolute. Donald Douglas is lying.
"When conservatives express traditional moral values he attacks them as bigots."
Again, sadly no. I have no problem with anyone discussing their own traditional moral values, and I've never attacked anyone for doing so. I have objected when folks have expressed the desire to make all Americans--whatever their religious or moral background--subject to laws based on the teachings of Christ (or God, or Buddha, or any other religious figure). America is not a theocracy, and American laws must have a secular basis in man's law, not God's law. I also don't buy into the Family Research Council's definition of civil rights, which suggests that all protected classes must be "inborn"--or mentioned in the Constitution (a clever way of including religion, which of course is not inborn, without tipping their hand)--or they are not legitimate. I want Americans protected from discrimination by law (and in law), and I include discrimination against gay Americans in those legal protections.

Most recently, I have come down on Donald Douglas for suggesting that posts eulogizing and memorializing marriage equality and women's health activist Christina Santiago were exploiting her death for political gain. (See: NoH8, Dr. Douglas and Donald Douglas attacks them again, for noticing). I believe that this is what has Dr. Douglas so upset--and so willing to fabricate these lies--in the post to which I'm responding. Your milage may vary...
"Like the endless progressive claims of "racism," [repsac3] screams "BIGOTRY!!" like a headless horseman charging along full-steam until the word is denuded of all meaning. It's just an epithet for attacking folks..."
Those familiar with the back and forth between Donald and I should recognize this passage as parroting (in an "I'm rubber, you're glue" style) things I've often said about Donald Douglas and his one-time use of the word "nihilist" to describe and denote pretty much everyone with whom he disagreed. (Recent substitutes include "communist-left," "ASFL," "extremist", ...), but for those unfamiliar, three examples from the last three years:

I wrote (in 2009): "Your NeoRaven-like chirpings of "Nihilist!" "Nihilist!" aimed at everyone with whom you disagree, and your unwillingness and inability to back much of what you say has made you seem weak and ineffective."

From 2010: "As Donald attacked other bloggers on his site or theirs, labeling them no good nihilists everywhere he went, this whole "nihilist" schtick of his became kind of a joke around the liberal blogosphere, and folks began to know him as the wingnut who goes around calling everyone nihilists, like the boy who cried wolf... He practically made the word meaningless through repetition..."

And from less than three weeks ago: "Terms like "nihilist" and. "racist" and "Stalinist" (and I've no doubt "anarchist" and "terrorist," as well) are nothing more than epithets to Donald. He might just as well be calling folks fucktard or asshat for all the accuracy with which redeploys them. Donald Douglas disagrees with you; Donald Douglas calls you a name... A meaningless, insulting, fact free name... And he thinks he's actually said something of substance by doing so... It's kinda pathetic..."

The fact is you'll seldom find me suggesting that someone is a bigot without my including a direct quote and link citing the full post or comment from which the quote was lifted, for context. Try holding Dr Douglas' accusations to that standard, and you'll quickly find it is one he often cannot or will not meet. I leave it to the reader to figure out why...
"And as we've seen in recent posts, today's truly extremist hatred and demonology is the exclusive domain of the progressive left."
Absolutes like these--where "they" are always evil, and "we" are always angels--should tip one off to the fact that Donald Douglas is preaching his own pseudo-religious catechism of conservative love and liberal hate, and nothing more.

Anyone who is being realistic is willing to admit that there are devils and angels all along the sociopolitical spectrum, and that pinpointing individual acts by individual actors does not say much of anything about the whole of any sociopolitical group... not the ones you (or "he") belong(s) to, or the ones you (or "she") do(es) not belong to. (There are words for those who attribute the sins (or accomplishments) of the individual to everyone in the groups to which that individual belongs... It'll come to me... Suffice to say, such bullshit thinking seldom leads anywhere worthwhile or good.)
"And W. James Casper is right up there as among the worst of the worst radical hate-bloggers in the world. No facts can get inside that warped mind. No outrage is evil enough to make W. James Casper speak up and cry, "Enough!'' Hate envelops all sense and meaning and moral right. Decency has been obliterated."
Donald is welcome to his opinions, of course... ...but a quick perusal of my posts pretty quickly puts the lie to his words, beginning with those posts about Donald's disrespect for Christina Santiago and those who mourn her death that I spoke about and linked to earlier... Much of what I discuss is about my morality and decency, and the morality and decency (or lack of it) of those I write about.
"In any case, considering that no social perversion is out of bounds for W. James Casper's sick socialist rim-station ideology, I'm putting money on it that he's down with the APA's push to legalize pedophilia."
"...sick socialist rim-station ideology..." Like I said before... Just epithets divorced from any objective facts... ...which Donald uses to allege yet more fact-free bullshit about his perceived enemy. Libelous propaganda. Sloppy, obvious, crude, but libelous propaganda, nevertheless...
"W. James Casper repeatedly claims that we shouldn't object to consenting homosexual couples engaging in any sex acts they see fit."
I'd have to see the quotes, but I'm willing to bet I included the word "adult" somewhere near the word "consenting," and that I included heterosexual couples in that, as well. I believe that where consenting adults are concerned, the neighbors and the government have no more business judging what folks do behind closed doors than those consenting adults are willing to give them. Obviously, that does not include rape, statutory or otherwise... But that pretty obvious fact doesn't stop Donald Douglas from alleging:
"Well, 5'll get you 10 that W. James Casper will offer the same kind of weaselly moral-free logic on the legalization of pedophilia debate."
No quotes, and a complete disregard for the obvious in the very words he paraphrased--(and when even your own paraphrase contradicts you, you've exposed the utter ridiculousness of your argument)--but Donald Douglas presses on, lying and libeling for all to see...

Donald obviously doesn't like me. (One might even use the words "Hate Blogger" to describe Donald Douglas.) He doesn't like that I discuss the words he writes and the things he says, and that I expose him for the shell of a man he chooses to be. Donald Douglas is a liar and a hater. And the more he engages in these dishonest posts, the more people see that he is a liar and a hate-filled partisan who will stop at nothing to destroy the folks with whom he disagrees...

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