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X-Post: Donald Kent Douglas, Lia® — And Wrong, Every Time...

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A reply to Donald Douglas' most recent serving of specious allegations.

At the outset, let me just say that anytime someone says "no need to even read the whole thing" when the thing in question discusses something you care about, that's a sure sign to pay closer attention to the words the guy is speaking, watch to make sure his hands stay out of your pockets, and definitely "read the whole thing" ...with a dictionary and a good lawyer, if the thing in question is important enough to you.

In this case, I can completely understand it if you don't give a damn about Donald Douglas, repsac3, these specious allegations, or anything either of us have ever written on the subject. If they weren't about me, I probably would've stopped following this saga myself by now, and I wouldn't be at all surprised to find out that no one bothers to read Donald's screeds about me or my rebuttals of Dr. Douglas' screeds about me except Donald and I. Even if you believe Donald is telling the complete truth (or that I am), and you support him (me) fully, the whole thing is just getting' old and stale...

So if that's where you're at; If you just couldn't give a flying purple fig about what Donald is accusing me of or about my rebuttals of his accusations, or you've already made up your mind, and don't wish to give any of it another thought, you're free to go, with my blessings... If you find something neat to read or do elsewhere, feel free to come on back and leave a link to it in the comments... The fact is, there's a whole lot that's better and more interesting than this--even root canal, and I wish I wasn't here talking about it, myself...

Now if you are still here and reading this, you must care enough about some aspect of the saga or of one of the participants in it to put yourself through it... So for you (and sure, I suppose there really could be one or two of you), here goes...

After reading through my recent rebuttal of his accusations, Donald obviously still doesn't get it. He's still making the exact same specious claims and accusations, and still not offering the slightest bit of proof for any of 'em...

For those not familiar, here's a partial list (the part that's germane to the post he was ostensibly replying to, that is... The racism stuff, while just as ridiculous and just as unsubstantiated, was more'n'likely added by Donald to flesh out his meager "on-topic" offering):

"stalking," "harassment," "hate," "workplace intimidation," "posting my college administration's contact information with directions to harass," "hosting commenters spiking the football after workplace contacts." He even borrows a term I've often used to describe his "ok for me, but not for thee" rationalizations, accusing me of "situational ethics," which I think is pretty funny...

As an aside, three quick examples of my using the term "situational ethics" in reference to Dr. Douglas, all from 2010:

1)"But this situational wishy-washy bullshit is just unbecoming and unmanly, and I urge you to let it go, for the sake of your reputation...",

2) "When you apply the same rules to everyone, friend and foe alike, THAT'S a standard of behavior. Whining when they did it to you, but then threatening to do it to sombody else... (Are you really going to make me get out the links in support of this, again?) That's situational ethics, Don. And situational ethics are not a core set of standards.",

3) "We're talking about having one set of standards for everyone, Donald. If I 'need' to release this info, then so does every other blogger with whom you interact. THAT's what one set of standards means... Having everyone held to the same set of laws, demands, statutes, standards... All measured with the same yardstick and weighed on the same scale... Not rules for the folks you like, and different rules for the ones you don't... THAT's situational ethics. That's moral weaseling... And that's what you're demanding."

Now search Dr Douglas' blog for the same term ever being used by him before the post I'm replying to today... Quick clue: You won't find any... I say that this is because he's playing "rubber/glue" with me like a 7 year old, and just aping back whatever I allege against him... (and as with the rest of his accusations I ask, where are his quotes or cites in support of the allegation that I engage in situational ethics? Nowhere, as usual.)... You may agree with me or you may not, but at least I show my work...)

Like I said the last time, I've never done any of it, and no matter how many times Donald Douglas repeats his off-the-wall accusations or asserts that they are "fully documented" (though strangely, never linked to, cited, or quoted verbatim by Dr. Douglas), that isn't going to change. All I can do is once again repeat what I said in the post to which Donald claims he was responding:

"I once again call on Donald Douglas to put up or shut up. Less tell and more show. If he believes I have done any of the things he regularly accuses me of, I demand that he offer evidence in support of his allegations, or admit that he has none.

Unless / until he escalates this situation (there are times when he seems to be threatening legal action, but I have not been contacted by anyone from his legal team or CA law enforcement, thus far...) I can do no more than put these facts out there, and demand that he address them with something--anything--of substance."


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