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X-Post: Workplace Harassment - (btdt FAQ files)

(As long as Donald Douglas keeps repeating this ridiculous accusation, this post will likely be a work in progress. - repsac3, 5 August, 2011)

Let's start with a few simple facts:

I have never contacted Donald Douglas or anyone he loves, lives with, works for, worships with, or has anything to do with offline, for any reason.

I have never suggested that anyone else contact Donald Douglas or anyone else in his offline life for any reason, either.

I have never supported or defended anyone who has threatened to, or actually has contacted folks in Donald Douglas' life for making those threats or taking those actions.

While Donald Douglas often makes these and other claims (see growing list of links below), he has offered zero evidence that I have done any of those things myself, or played any part in encouraging or supporting those who have. (In fact, there are numerous posts and comments on several blogs where I have directly spoken out against contacting employers, spouses, preachers, teachers, siblings, neighbors, etc., about online issues. Here are some of them: 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16)

I cannot speculate as to why Donald Douglas continues to make these specious accusations, but I can say that they are wholly without merit, as evidenced by the fact that he offers no substantiation for any of his charges aside his own words. No quotes, no testimony from anyone saying I "made" (or "suggested", or "cajoled," or "svengalied" ) them into contacting Long Beach City College or into harassing Dr Douglas in any way.

In short, when Dr Douglas says I did any of these things, Dr. Douglas is lying.

The facts:
One guy, who wrote 6 American Nihilist posts in total, and authored his last one in August 2009, submitted one post here where he suggested that anyone who was offended by Dr Douglas' bigotry and lack of netiquette should contact the school where Donald works. In the same post, he provided the information to do so, which he found posted for all to see at the website of the college where Donald Douglas teaches. The information the one-time AmNi author repeated is posted at that same site to this very day.

I verbally objected to the post in the comment section at the time, but felt that the author was an adult who could and should make his own decisions and live with the consequences of his actions. I therefore did not censor his post or force the author to remove it. But I did continue to speak up against making such a threat or encouraging anyone to act on it... At least in part due to my disapproval of the post and of involving a blogger's workplace in online disagreements, the author resigned his American Nihilist authorship and left this blog behind. (He also removed my authorship at a group blog he was the owner of. He both removed himself here, and removed my authorship there, without discussing it with me until I wrote him to ask about it.)

Once he left, I did go in and censor the contact information out of the post. I did not remove it entirely, in part because I didn't feel right about messing with another blogger's post, and in part because there were so many links to and comments and posts discussing it that I believed it would look like I was trying to hide something if I were to make it disappear. (Had Dr Douglas not made such a stink about it, I probably would've just left it as it was, to be used as evidence of whatever it was a person wanted to try to convince others it proved...)

No one else who ever was or is currently an author at this blog has ever contacted anyone in Donald Douglas' offline world, threatened to contact anyone in Donald Douglas' offline world, spoken out in favor of contacting anyone in Donald Douglas' offline world, or supported the words and actions of those who have threatened to or actually contacted anyone in Donald Douglas' offline world.

Donald has never offered anything but his own words to suggest that anything in the previous sentence is untrue, and Dr. Douglas is lying when he alleges that anyone from this blog aside that one former author has done any of those things.

Yes, other bloggers have threatened to or actually contacted individuals at Long Beach City College to discuss the online antics of Donald Douglas.
Three of them wrote for right-of-center (libertarian, or moderate Republican) blogs. I had no contact with any of them before they threatened to contact or contacted LBCC, and none of them said anything beforehand, during, or since to suggest that I played any role in their actions.
The other two individuals are liberals, but they are not authors here, and as with the right-of-center folks, they have never said anything to suggest that I played any role in their actions, either.

Donald Douglas' repeated allegations and accusations about my having any role in what these individuals said or did, or that I have supported their actions as regards Donald Douglas and LBCC at any time before or since, are not borne out by any facts that Donald has offered. I am not anyone's "leader." I have no "henchmen." I believe that Donald Douglas knows his accusations are false, and that he is making them in an attempt to sully my reputation. As such, Donald Douglas' dishonest allegations may well be legally libelous.

Whatever their legal status, these allegations and accusations are certainly immoral, illogical, unsubstantiated, and obviously deceitful. That Donald Douglas continues to make them regardless, is evidence of the kind of man he has chosen to be.

I once again call on Donald Douglas to put up or shut up. Less tell and more show. If he believes I have done any of the things he regularly accuses me of, I demand that he offer evidence in support of his allegations, or admit that he has none.

Unless / until he escalates this situation (there are times when he seems to be threatening legal action, but I have not been contacted by anyone from his legal team or CA law enforcement, thus far...) I can do no more than put these facts out there, and demand that he address them with something--anything--of substance.

Following is some of the more eloquent verbiage I've posted on the subject over the years:

February 21, 2010 2:18 AM - repsac3 said...

It's not that I don't understand where you're coming from, my eight-armed friend... It's just that I don't agree with your remedy.

To me, it doesn't matter whether Donald dared you, baited you, or even politely invited you to contact his Department Head and/or College President. It also doesn't matter to me that you told him you would.

What does matter to me is that this is not a college matter in any way, shape, or form. Had he threatened to harm one of his students or blow up the school, I'd be sending e-mails and making telephone calls right there with you. Even if he was making bigoted comments about his students or co-workers, I might give it some thought. But posting vile, bigoted, or even threatening things on your blog without permission doesn't merit workplace action in my book. (If you take the threats seriously, I'm all for legal action, involving the police and lawyers, however. And if he's coming to your blog often enough, perhaps you can report him to Google for stalking, or something.)

What a college professor (or a musician, or a cocoa-cola bottler, or a retail manager, etc.) does online has little bearing on what s/he does at his/her job. While I believe that the college ought to be paying attention to what their employees are saying & doing online--just as any "company" should, these days), I don't believe we citizens should be reporting each other to workplace authorities, especially for infractions we can't get legal authorities to do anything about... unless we believe that someone is in danger, anyway. (If you really believed he was a rapist, but didn't have legal proof, I'd support you informing the folks at the college, so that they could weigh your story and take whatever action they deemed necessary.)

While Donald is most certainly a creep, nothing you've described is anything his job can or should do anything about. Being an anti-social online troll isn't--and shouldn't be--something his boss has any control over. Posting inflammatory comments at your blog--or even inciting others to do the same--isn't a crime. It isn't against his college's code of ethics. And it isn't any of his boss' business.

I understand that you see things differently, and believe you are justified in continuing to contact Donald's school. I simply and respectfully disagree.

Until you can explain why the things Donald Douglas does online is the business of LBCC, or explain what you expect them to do about it, I don't see how my feelings and beliefs on the subject are going to change... ...though I'm glad that you value my opinion enough to try to persuade me... - American Henchmen: Donald Douglas - An Ethical "Push-me, Pull-you"

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SATURDAY, JULY 24, 2010, 3:55 PM - What'd I Say?: Anonymous/Pseudononymous Blogging and Commenting: Cowardly?:
"Yes I run a blog where folks are mean to you, in some cases personally, rather than on point. I'd prefer that folks wouldn't do that, but I don't intend to substitute my blogging ethics for that of one of my fellow authors. While I may not personally like or agree with everything every author writes, I put a higher value on their ethical right to post according to their morals rather than mine, though I'm welcome to revisit that decision where circumstances (such as the writer who voluntarily resigned his authorship, and left the rest of us with a post containing ideas that no one felt comfortable defending) or the law are concerned. Further, I don't accept the notion that *every* writer at a group blog is responsible for the words or ideas that *any* writer posts. You have a problem with me, fine. But if I didn't write the post or comment with which you're taking issue, you're talking to the wrong guy. Authors and blog owners at other group blogs are free to make their own decisions as to how to handle such questions, and they certainly needn't agree with mine.

American Nihilist (blog) exists for the purpose of giving those who wish to avail themselves of it a place to respond to you, whether it be to a personal attack or an ideological difference of opinion. It's authorship and blogroll is entirely made up of folks you've picked a fight with on American Power. You can view it as a hate site or a personal attack on you if you like, but I maintain that a good number of posted responses deal primarily with issues you've raised on your blog."

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"In any case, I shouldn't be returning to this subject, but as Repsac3 is a stalking asshat and a liar who maintains a stalking website, and who has been the ringleader in a campaign of harassment, including the publication of my workplace information, I don't mind taking the time every now and then to point out what a pure bigot and demonologist prick he is." (Also, contains some of Dr Douglas' oft-repeated, never substantiated crazy raaaaacism allegation against me... Yay.)

Saturday, December 4, 2010, 12:01 AM - American Power: Unpacking Progressive Trolling:
"Folks will recall that Ordinary Gentlemen is the blog home of uber weasel E.D. Kain, who, like Repsac3's nihilist horde, mounted a campaign of workplace intimidation against me."


Wednesday, February 16, 2011, 6:00 PM - American Power: Alex Knepper Contacts My College in Campaign of Workplace Harassment

February 26, 2011, 8:53 PM - American Henchmen: Guilty as charged.: Comment: repsac3 said... (A colloquy on the subject between Donald and I, beginning with this comment at this post.)
"And Donald... I have never posted your workplace information or suggested that anyone contact your employers about anything. You can repeat it as many times as you want, but you're lying every time you do. (Prove me wrong. Post a link to the time and place I supposedly did this.) The fact is, every bit of the information that "David" posted is publicly available on your employer's website to this very day. At best, he cut and pasted what he found.

Yes, I do think he was wrong to encourage folks to contact them regarding things unrelated to your job that you'd posted on your blog and on his, which (contrary to your repeated accusations), is exactly what I said from day one.

Your beef (such as it is), is that I didn't censor his post.

I believe in free speech, and that bloggers are big boys and girls who can stand up and defend their own posts. Therefore, I did not censor his post or demand that he remove it from the blog.

I'm sorry that principle offends you, but Donald, this isn't your blog. You can certainly start your own group blog and censor your fellow bloggers' posts whenever and however you wish. I chose to treat the bloggers here as adults, and to allow them to say whatever they felt was appropriate--and to defend their posts. Anyone interested can cruise on back to 2009 when this all happened and verify for themselves that what I'm saying is true. So Professor Douglas, you can either learn to cope, or keep whining. Either way, the choice is yours."

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