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Anonymous/Pseudononymous Blogging and Commenting: Cowardly?

In reply to: American Power: Update on Blogging Anonymity and Blogging Ethics and Cowardly Blogging | Right Wing News (Comment replies to the first link, but appears as a comment at the second--a teaser crosspost of the first, posted at a site where my comments are not moderated away for content... (at least, not so far...) There will likely be a yet more in-depth and fully linked/cited response, at American Nihilist. In fact, I may even pop back here and paste in the portions of Dr Douglas' post to which I'm replying--which is difficult to do over at RWN, given it's limits...)
UPDATE: Rather than allow this comment to continue to appear at the post at Right Wing News, Professor Donald Douglas deleted the entire post. I find that ironic, given the name he had given the piece at that site. He seemed very proud of his "accomplishment," even going so far as to announce his "triumph" over me in a comment to one of my blog posts (which is itself pretty ironic, if ya think about it...)
"Oh, and, I don't welcome your comments at RWN. In other words, don't comment there as you are not welcomed. If you comment on my RWN posts, I'll delete them, as I have today to your stupid double standards."
Well there you are... He really showed me... ...I think. (All I know is that it'll take some extra willpower not to play Pavlov... Must...not...ring...that...:::ding,ding,ding::: ...oops, there goes another rubber tree plant... It was just my keys that time, I swear... I'm pretty sure the doorbell, that time...)
I've been thinking a lot about anonymous blogging since E.D. Kain launched his campaign of workplace intimidation last year. For one thing, I no longer think anonymous blogging is automatically cowardly. Oh sure, mostly I'd prefer to have someone put their name behind their words. And of course at this point I still probably wouldn't have started blogging anonymously even today, given the knowledge that I have about the depths of evil on the web. No, it's more that I'm not going to be critical of those who do continue to blog anonymously.
I'm glad you've come to this new position Of course, I still maintain that there's a difference between blogging or commenting anonymously and using a regular online screen name.
I think the main thing, as Dan points out, is whether the blogger in question is really a serious writer with critical things to say, and would rather speak freely and often harshly without fear of retribution, or whether you have bloggers whose sole existence online is to demonize and destroy those whom they hate. American Nihilist, for example, exists for the sole purpose of attacking me personally with the most demented bile imaginable, and that blog has gotten more perverted over time, eventually devolving into a Satanic hate outlet for workplace intimidation and non-stop vicious personal diatribes. It's a hate blog. It exists for no other purpose but to spew invective and evil. And I've repeatedly challenged the authors to put or up shut up by posting their full personal identification and contact information, but they have not done so. And that's cowardly.
As far as your allegations about me personally, I invite you to back them with more than your words.

Yes I run a blog where folks are mean to you, in some cases personally, rather than on point. I'd prefer that folks wouldn't do that, but I don't intend to substitute my blogging ethics for that of one of my fellow authors. While I may not personally like or agree with everything every author writes, I put a higher value on their ethical right to post according to their morals rather than mine, though I'm welcome to revisit that decision where circumstances (such as the writer who voluntarily resigned his authorship, and left the rest of us with a post containing ideas that no one felt comfortable defending) or the law are concerned. Further, I don't accept the notion that *every* writer at a group blog is responsible for the words or ideas that *any* writer posts. You have a problem with me, fine. But if I didn't write the post or comment with which you're taking issue, you're talking to the wrong guy. Authors and blog owners at other group blogs are free to make their own decisions as to how to handle such questions, and they certainly needn't agree with mine.

American Nihilist (blog) exists for the purpose of giving those who wish to avail themselves of it a place to respond to you, whether it be to a personal attack or an ideological difference of opinion. It's authorship and blogroll is entirely made up of folks you've picked a fight with on American Power. You can view it as a hate site or a personal attack on you if you like, but I maintain that a good number of posted responses deal primarily with issues you've raised on your blog.

It's a little incongruous for you to say "For one thing, I no longer think anonymous blogging is automatically cowardly." and "No, it's more that I'm not going to be critical of those who do continue to blog anonymously." in the same post where you say "And I've repeatedly challenged the authors to put or up shut up by posting their full personal identification and contact information, but they have not done so. And that's cowardly." especially when at least some of the info you seek (all of our names, I believe) is available, and not especially hard to find, online.

Either it's cowardly or it isn't. Either you're demanding names and whatnot or you aren't. Make up your mind--being consistent across the board, for friend and foe alike--and get back to us.

As I've said before, when you require as a condition of participation that the folks at your blog and at the blogs where you comment release their personal/contact info--and you release your info, of course--I will match you, datapoint for datapoint. This is at least the second time I'm making the offer, so it'd be kinda silly to keep repeating the demand, and pretending you haven't seen the counter-offer. As you said, put up or shut up.

Finally, a quick word about one of the concepts in the videoas it relates to our situation. I believe it was Kyra who said that the best thing a blogger can do is be as above board as possible and speak "face to face." While I may be misinterpreting what she meant, I'll point out that very little (if any) of what I say as regards you or your ideas is hidden. Until you banned me and started moderating your comments, the majority of my responses were offered right there on your blog, right below the piece to which I was replying. American Nihilist would have fewer posts if you were more willing to engage me on your blog. You are always welcome on mine, whether you wish to discuss a post or create odd plays on my screen name. (RepMasterSpinelessDenialist, freak-nozzle denial master, HateMasterRepLoserDenialist, RepHateMasterFail, BirdBrainRepHaterBilgeMaster, BeetleJuiceMasterHateMongerSlimeBallFail) ((Yes, they're all real, and all created by LBCC associate professor of political science Donald Douglas. Links on request.)) In short, I am speaking to you, as face to face as the internet will allow.

If you want to allege something about me or a post I've written, come on back with quotes or other evidence of the thing you're alleging, or don't bother. In short, put up or shut up.

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Guess that's what happens when people are banned and comments are moderated. It's more satisfying to do whole posts on Don's wackiness anyway. Can always throw in a photo or you tube clip. And God (or Repsac) forbid that he ever get banned form AmNi.

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