Tuesday, July 27, 2010

In Reply: A Conspiracy About A Conspiracy: Journolist Covers Up Trig Truth (or something)

In reply to bjkeefe: We are now one name lighter, and his decision to oust Andrew Sullivan from his blogroll, in response to Sully's most recent allegations about the truthiness of his Trig conspiracy, and the complicity of the liberal, tri-lateral cabal, Journolist, in covering it up.

Yeah, I cannot understand Sully's obsession with this conspiracy. He seems basically sane for the most part, but where his one-man Trig Truther thing is concerned, all reason that doesn't fit his chosen meme goes out the window, right down to the idea that Ezra, dear leader to 400 left of center writers, ordered them not cover this story... ...and to a person, they complied.

(But then, the whole Journolist conspiracy is an awfully fabricated story, itself requiring a whole lotta willful suspension of disbelief of inconvenient facts and total lack of gun, smoking.)

Anyway, I can certainly understand your actions... (Me, I dig reading a little crazy, so I'll likely keep him listed, at least for the time being...)

Posted 7:55 AM, July 27, 2010 (bjkeefe blog time)

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