Tuesday, July 06, 2010

In Reply: Please Don't Feed the Troll

In reply to: a whole bunch of willful ignorance and intentional misunderstanding by one guy in several comments attached to this "No More Mister Nice Blog" post.

It strikes me that "dude" is best ignored... He has nothing new to say, and willfully fails to grasp the concepts offered him. At this point, continuing to feed the troll the same substantive meal he's failed to consume and digest this many times before is a waste of everyone's time... Perhaps it's best to just allow him the last repeated set of wingnut talking points, and only respond to (or offer) new thoughts and ideas (including from him, should he actually have anything that goes beyond what little original thought he's already mustered, and should anyone be willing to bother engaging him, given his past history in this thread alone...)

In the end, there's just no upside in trying to teach a pig to sing... Everyone involved gets dirty, only the pig enjoys it, and the squealing never gets any more melodic.

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