Friday, July 16, 2010

In reply: "...when Donald [Douglas] was all about not understanding what the word nihilism meant." Redux

Revised and extended, in reply to the following comment left at the Lawyers, Guns, and Money post, “Shoot, I’m not even always right, LOL!” (because in light of Donald Douglas' over the top "Holy shit he really is crazy" reply, it deserved demanded more attention than the honorable mention and "entitled" position I'd given it previously.)

Malaclypse says:
I miss when Donald was all about not understanding what the word nihilism meant. That was an internet tradition of which I was proud to be aware.
To which I replied:

Take heart, Mal...

Those days are clearly not yet over... full caps, bold font, and that familiar "huff and PUFF and BLOW your house in" style that can only come from a man more proud of showing off his ignorance of "political terms one would think a political science professor really ought to have a grasp of" than ever he has been...

But never fear, dear readers... He's already declared himself victorious and moved on, certain that only a nihilist fool (or a "Godless freak-nozzle and Xtremist hate-merchant" nihilist fool, like me) would dare question his boisterous, bombastic, masterful delivery of that unique blend of circuitous logic and wholly meaningless ad hom that only a regular Donald Douglas reader can really and truly appreciate. (For the benefit of those who haven't already been to Donald's post and followed the link that he attached to that bit of name-calling, it goes not to anything in support of any one of the "observations" he made about me in that ad hominem rant, but to my altogether not very extreme, extremist, or "Xtremist,"? (whatever that is) Blogger User Profile. Way to let me have it there Dr. Douglas... Posting my profile really showed me...)

A quick word about Donald's unhinged charge that I "pile[d] on the allegations of juvenile sexual predation despite facts that put the lie to these sick malevloent dopes as totally FUBAR." Nowhere in any of my comments regarding this whole subject (including the comment that Donald refused to allow through the moderation stream --because apparently, that's how a "real man" welcomes comments and debate, and defends his positions vigorously; moderating away anything he doesn't like--) did I even mention the age of the models he's peppering his blog with of late or make any reference to sexual predation of any kind. (I mean, do I think it a little creepy that he's got a few models on his blog that are the approximate ages of the kids he teaches? Now that he mentions it, sure... I agree with SEK's earlier post that it's a bad idea for a professor to even give the appearance of being a letch, and that regardless of legalities and first amendment freedoms, having posts/posters of hot chicks who're about the same age as your students doesn't present a professional appearance, and may make some of his female students uncomfortable. Legal or not, the phrase "a girl half his age..." seldom puts forth the appearance of decency and high moral values that many professions call for... ...even if it's just pictures on your blog.) But contrary to Donald's claim, I have never made or supported any allegation that he has in any way victimized any underage girls, either online or out in the world. (I did have some pretty strong feelings about his furthering the victimization of Erin Andrews, but her age was never a factor.)

It's sad that professor Douglas so often feels the need to invent stories of mistreatment at the hands of those who disagree with him, but that he so often does is kinda revealing (and not in a "rule 5" teasing sorta way, either...)

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