Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Andrew Breitbart: Partisan Propagandist and Self-Promoting Clown

What happened to Shirley Sherrod was a crime.

Rightwing propagandists did their thing, and Dem officials caved. (You practically have to catch republicans in the act of flirting with the cute pageboys, before getting one to disappear this fast. Pretty much all of the other bigots and extramarital family values crowd is still in office, with finger and toe nails dug into the furniture, if necessary. And friends to support and defend them, of course.)

She was robbed, by the White House and the media.

Now that we know the truth, I'd like to see her as quickly reinstated as she was let go. As the story continues to be told, we find more and more that she's not only an asset, but an inspiration to the department and the people she's helped through the years, black and white.

I fear that cowardice and an inability to admit error on the part of Vilsack and White House officials is going to prevent that, in which case I hope she sues everyone involved for wrongful termination. And wins. BIG.

My other wish, is that no one ever forgets the role that that snake Andrew Breitbart played in railroading this woman, and that he is never taken seriously by anyone but crackpots and extremists ever again. Perhaps the lesson that the media and the public failed to learn after the ACORN tapes and the Teabuggers will finally sink in. Andrew Breitbart is a liar and a propagandist and, unless you have the full raw video, you're likely being played for a sucker and a fool.

American people.

Andrew Breitbart is not your friend, and knows nothing of truth or honesty. He is a partisan propagandist and a self-promoting clown.

Please don't ever forget it, and never let him or any of his minions or media enablers so easily screw with another person's life and livelihood ever again.

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