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In Reply: Ol' Man Breitbart: Context is everything

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Andrew Breitbart on CNN, 7/20/2010, suggesting that 80+ year old "white farmer's wife" Eloise Spooner isn't really who she says she is, and generally melting down, as a result of being caught red-handed, coke-nosed, and bare-assed, shitting in the cookie jar, while claiming he's in church.


You know... Based on that logic, I don't understand how Mr Breitbart can accuse Shirley Sherrod or anyone else in that room of racism. I mean, how does he know--indeed, how can ANY of us ever REALLY know--that the incident Ms. Sherrod described in the video ever actually happened. Was Mr. Breitbart there? Did he speak to anyone who was there, 24 years ago? Has he any records confirming that Ms. Sherrod was there, or that she had those biased inclinations and bigoted attitudes? Before releasing this video, what investigative reporting did he do?

I suspect that she had some liberal meme she wanted to sell, about the evils of bigotry and the redemptive power of tolerance for one's fellow man, and just made up that whole story about her and that white farmer. What research has Mr Breitbart done to confirm that any of it ever even happened, and if he has not, I ask you what the hell any of us are even doing discussing this as yet unconfirmed tall tale?

I also want Mr Breitbart to prove that he was not in fact the person who edited and labeled the video so misleadingly, and that this mysterious "source" on whom he's blaming the misleading "breitbarting" of the video even exists. Context is everything, and dammit, I demand that he come up with something in the way of proof that the video posted on his site with commentary penned by him, looking very much like other misleadingly edited videos posted on his site with commentary by him, isn't in fact, his misleadingly malicious video. This mysterious "one armed-man" crap isn't flying with me... I want the media Scooby gang to do their thing, and pull the mask off the invisible man that Andrew is claiming as the absent editor and source... ...and I fully suspect it's gonna turn out to be the caretaker of the abandoned BIG LIE sites, old man Breitbart...

"...and I'd've gotten away with my lies, too (yet again), if it hadn't been for that meddling TRUTH..."
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