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X-Post: The Flag; Still not a Ticket into Heaven (was "Less Than 1 in 5 Leftists 'Extremely' Patriotic in Gallup Poll")

American Power: Less Than 1 in 5 Leftists "Extremely" Patriotic in Gallup Poll

It's hard to put a whole lotta stock in a survey where respondents self-report their own level of a subjective thing like patriotism, especially when the definition of what constitutes patriotism is left to the individual and then to those interpreting the survey results (and using them for their own partisan purposes, and when they think they can make them fit the chosen narrative.)

Even suggests that the use of the word "extremely" in the survey may have colored the results... (While there's a segment of the teabagger crowd wearing "Proud Right Wing Extremist" t-shirts, many on the left prefer not to associate themselves with the pejorative connotations of extremism. YMMV... And again, "The difference between 'extremely' and 'very' patriotic is left to respondents to interpret.")
Some folks may have noticed, but I don't use the term "liberal" to describe these dolts. They're leftists and socialists, frankly. The American usage of "liberal" may have had some relevance back in the Truman era, and possibly Kennedy/Johnson, but those on the left today favor socialism and they're the same types who reject patriotic love of country.
Yes Donald, we've noticed...

Whether the term of endearment Professor Douglas chooses to use for those to his left on the political spectrum is "leftists," "socialists," or "nihilists," there's no "frankly" about it... These terms have specific meanings, particularly among political scientists, and Donald's "liberal" use of these terms and others like them to describe the vast majority of Democrats and other liberal/progressive types here in the US over the last several years bears little resemblance to those widely accepted definitions. The fact that Donald is loathe to pick a textbook definition of any of these terms and provide examples of how and why they apply to the American left today should tell a person all they need to know. Saying it doesn't make it so, Dr. Douglas... Never has, and never will.

I'd probably've answered 'very patriotic' myself (like many, I don't see myself as going to extremes in much of anything, including patriotism), but I reject teabagger jingoism and mindless flag-waving, and I don't feel any need to prove myself "more" patriotic than any other person or group. "More-patriotic-than-thou" is no more virtuous than "holier-than-thou" in my book, and I feel sorry for those like Donald Douglas who believe there's any value in bragging that one is either.

Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. In the end, it isn't how patriotic you believe yourself to be or claim to be when surveyed. It's what you do (or don't do) for this country and for your fellow citizens that counts.

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