Thursday, July 01, 2010

The world deserves better than Donald Douglas, and that's the truth.

In reply to: INSTAPUTZ: Functionally retarded Donald Douglas semi-refutes one of my 4 rebuttals, declares victory.

It's comedy gold, it is... The guy can't help himself... He's convinced himself of his own infallibility, and nothing will dissuade him, no matter how many point and laugh at his unintentional antics.

The fact remains though that he's a heartless bastard, and everyone knows it (though admittedly, some in his tiny Con circle don't care, being heartless bastards themselves.) Among them, there is no shame in attacking the dead (and indirectly their families and friends) on the very day a man passes, as long as there's some imagined political benefit to doing so... Their partisanship has sucked the human decency right out of 'em, and sadly, even some who should care don't, because sticking to the "no enemies on the Right" philosophy is more important than any sense of decency.

I feel bad for everyone who has no choice but to be in their miserable little lives... The world deserves better than the likes of Donald Douglas and those who share his screwed up ideas about their fellow men.

And that's the truth...

Posted 7/1/10, 4:13:05 PM EDT

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