Thursday, July 08, 2010

In Reply: "I hate to see good postage go to waste..."

In reply to End of American Unitarian Reform Blog

I hope you’ll be leaving the blog up, as a resource for folks who’re looking for info on the subject, and/or (for those who) might stumble upon one or more of the posts here at an opportune time…

(I hate to see good posts go to waste… I understand not having the time or ability to create new posts, but I’ve never understood making one’s earlier blog posts, conversations, and links unavailable… …and it happens entirely too often…)

Submitted 8 July 2010 at 4:11 am (AUR blog time)

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ex DLB said...

Reppy, glad to hear those sentiments from you. As someone who has in a drunken fit of pique burned a blog to the ground, I can say I would hate to see any disappear, maybe especially those I disagree with.

As to Unitarianism, it seems the world could use more folks who are open in their beliefs and not ready to smite any who disagree with them.

張怡 concurs with everything I said.

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