Thursday, July 01, 2010

In Reply: I am Contradictory/Human

In reply to: Conversation 101: Michael Gerson: My Hero

Yeggo: Thanks for the invitation and pointer via twitter. So far, I like what I see, here...

My issue isn't with getting involved isn't with you folks, but with myself...

See, I want to be a grown-up, but there are most certainly some who see me as... well... less so than I'd like. I can get ugly, at least on an individual basis (meaning that I try not to blame any party or group for the ugliness I find in a member, but I do blame that member), particularly when I encounter what I believe to be unnecessary ugliness from others, and I can reflect that ugliness back on 'em.

Like many (in fact, all of us, I think), I am not any one kinda person all the time. I am both ugly and a grown-up, depending. I'm a feminist who's been known to "admire" women in ways that some would say border on objectification. I abhor bigotry and I also find myself having bigoted thoughts, sometimes. I read philosophers and laugh at fart jokes.

While I believe those kinda contradictions make us human, there are people who point to those sort of things and shout "hypocrisy!!" (And, in just another of those contradictions, I bet there's probably some point in time where I was the one doing the pointing and shouting--though I'm pretty certain I was pointing and shouting at someone other than myself, at the time... 8>)

I wouldn't want my commentary elsewhere to poison what you're doing here... (and from experience, I know that it can, both because I am contradictory/human, and because I've pissed off some ugly people who would be all too glad to tar everyone I touch with my human contradictions.)

So anyway... Here's what I'm thinkin'... I'll come, I'll comment, and we'll see how it goes... (assuming that's ok with you (folks) that is...) If I don't seem to be bringin' down the whole ship by commenting, (and I get off my ass and start blogging more regularly, again) we can revisit my contributing...

Thanks again for the invite... I most heartily approve of what you're trying to do, here...

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